Breakfast at Tiffany’s!- NOT!

More like breakfast at Cracker Barrel!  But that’s ok!  I get to see my momma!  It has been weeks.  The only time I have seen her was for a hot minute in the salon chair when she was getting her pretty on.  I miss my momma.  She is quite the apple.  LOL!

It was funny because we were chatting on the phone yesterday and she reminded me of how I wanted to be a journalist all through high school.  I had truly forgotten that!  She asked me if I remembered “Pia Cummings?”  Pia was on WAVE TV as an anchor women I think.  Then she blurted out….”And we called you Poopa’ Going!”  Yes they did and i HATED it!  I was a fat kid with a loose digestive tract and always had the runs. So, when they called me that name AND i wanted to be so much like rich and famous, it made me mad.  Am I mad now?  HELLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOO!  I think it is funny!  I completely know now why I am wiring and always wanting to write!  Duh, it was in me as a child.  (Jeremiah)

I created this blog to say if we live a stinky drive thru life, this my friends is enough to give you the runs too!  But you can chase your dreams no matter where you are in life.  I used to think your human minds’ are always struggling with life and how to PLEASE the world.  But not me so much anymore.  I am focusing on how to make my dreams come true.   It is happening and I think I am on the right train. Trust me, if God reminded Jonah to get off the boat when he was in the wrong place, then surly he can remind ME on how to stay on course to keep the vision in check.  Without the Vision the People Parish.  Ain’t that the turf!

Please do me a favor.  Like really.  Even if all you did was read this blog from Face book, click like.  It is my heart to know if I affect one person on a positive note and although my paper mentor, Stephen King alludes to saying, don’t beg for attention when writing, I am reverting back to my teenage days and I need some validation that I am not typing to a computer with no feelings.  If I am, then I am going to finish my life like the movie Her.  Whatever! 🙂  It still makes magic happen for me.  It turns my frown, upside down and it gives me power to know that even the written word has power.  Spoken word has MORE power and God’s word, IS power.  I WILL write a book one day.  And soon actually.  People like to buy shiny books with great stories.  I am going to give you one someday!!  Watch out world!

And just like that she threw the cat in the rain.  How could New York City bear to care for the wet tabby?  Then, in an instant, her heart pinched with fear and her mind shot forth to scream his name.  “CAAAAAAATTTT?”  And Holly ran into the pouring rain after him.


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