18.2 Minutes

So I have 18 minutes before I have to jump in the shower and face my world again.  What is your day going to be like?  Mine is going to be filled with smiling and laughing and dancing.  Today, I may even do the electric slide down the hallway at Neatbeat.  Maybe Heather will add it to the playlist for me.

So why am I stopping this mad morning of pressure to get ready and face all of the world and just blogging?  Blogging is just stupid right?  Boy, are you dead wrong.  Blogging is saving grace!!  This is where I overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of my testimony.  I may not be shouting with my real voice but my thoughts!  Oh my thoughts are screaming aloud!

So at zero dark thirty, I have grabbed my coffee and WILL take my 18 minutes of fame for today.  Just for today, as my momma says.  She got that from the Bible.  I think.  Or is it from the AA steps?  I don’t know but just for today I can sit and look out my kitchen window (priceless) and hear the birds chirp.  My tinnitus doesn’t let me go to deep in hearing but I do hear them.  If I would meditate more, that tinnitus would leave my body I am sure.

Now, stop and look up from my computer and see the green grass.  PAUUUUSSEEE……….

Yeppers!  I got a lot of work to do in the back yard.  Which brings me to my next wish for today.  SAFETY IN TRAVELS.  My husband needs prayer today as he is flying home.  Now, for those of you beautiful Eddie fans who want to call or text him, we will be unreachable until Monday so if you call, we won’t answer!  LOL!  He needs silence.  You cannot imagine being on top of the world for 45 days at 50 below temps to survive a 16 hour work day 7 days a week.  No break, No socialization, No Salt or Peppered food, Nothing but grooling work to support your family.  This my friends is what we call a household leader and sacrificial marriage that I would NEVER take advantage of!  I may shop a lot and act like a silly 40 something in a 20 year old mid life crisis but dammit, let’s be real for one moment.  To have a husband, friend, lover, soulmate do this for his family, tells me that there are still hard working to the bone people that want better than just greed or pride or lust.  (7 deadly’s baby!)

I’ll mention more later someday but you have no idea the sacrifice our family has made in 18 months of life.  It has been great and we still are coming out on TOP.  That my friends, is the LORD!



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