Employment Search! Please Help!


Hi Friends.  I am going to be kind of real here and it is a little “un-kooth” but then again, I believe that social media has it’s place in our lives now so I am going to post a request for help.  I believe that the right person could possible read this and be a God-Send to us.

My husband is unemployed and is looking for a great local company to work for.  We have had one very hard year by making some drastic changes in our lives and they were chances we took to try and find a better way for our family.  It was a economic decision that we willing took on and just like any trusting person that take chances in life, with the right mindset and look at the pros and cons, but sometimes their are more cons than expected.  Everyone knows, life can throw you curve balls when you least expect it.  Once you set sail on a ship and have left the shore, if the storm approaches, well, then you row your butt off and you pray that you will find land at some point.  We did, but we lost almost everything.  Cars, property, Rv’s, Cars and our Credit Score.  GONE!

As bruised and battered as our financial life has become, here I sit.  6:30a.m. on a Wednesday morning, not giving up.  The basic jest of it is we cashed in everything we had last year and I left a 15 year career making almost $100K as a household, to try and find a place in life that promoted just a bit little family time.

Truth is, I worked at an agency at a time which was going through a major buy-out and you can ask ANYONE that worked there, it was volatile at best.  No leadership, no direction,  and a lot of negative emotions of which I do not receive very well.  There was A LOT of manipulation and greed surrounding me and I cannot and will not be a part of those things, and as insane as it sounds, I would rather eat pork’n beans then fight for justice where no justice lives.  Granted, my friends say it is better now.  I hope so since the rank and filers were some of the greatest people I have ever met.

So, my loving husband decided he would “bail” me out of my discombobulated OBAMACARE hell-mess of a job, and provide a better life for us.  It tanked. Like a bad Jim Carey-Dick and Jane Movie, it all tanked on us.  But, if you saw me in public in the last 12 months, you would never know the fear and the tears I have cried trying to save my private life and my pride and make sure there was still a roof over my son, my husband and my ailing mother in laws head.  Now, before you go thinking this is some sob story, I am not dead yet.  I have watched over the course of a year at stories of “friends” and family on Facebook go through 10 times the hell I have.  Everyone is facing adversity and how we are affected and learn from it says so much.  In my mind, I write it all out to get past my hurts and I have drank way too much wine a time or two in spite of it, but my Happiness gauge is still on full!  That is where I find victory and stand on my scripture, Rev 12:11. INSPIRE!

So, it brings me to this point.  My husband has been trying to seek for a good, decent wage job for months and no one will even give him the time of day for an interview.  Why?  Not because he is the hardest working man with skills like you have never seen.  Not because he is the most dedicated person and dependable man on earth and not because he has not applied to a hundred companies or made tons of phone calls.  But because HR people are too busy themselves and don’t have time to plow through all the applicants.  We have just become a number in an economic society.

If you are, or know an employer in Louisville, KY who needs a hard working man of many great talented trades, then please by all means, say something.  We are good people and we have been there to help as many people in life as the Lord will allow.  The only time we have not helped someone is when they are self destructive and do not want anyone’s help but to be a vampire to the world.  (I have a little initiation and I use it know when someone is really trying to use you badly.)  Just saying….we are not looking for a CEO position, just a respectable job.  Preferable a Louisville owned company.

Thank you for reading.  I pray you are prosperous today and we will not give up.  (And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony).



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