A Happy “Non-Ending.” A Frightening “New-Beginning”.


As most of you may know now, I am leaving my full time place at Neatbeat.  A gut wrenching decision.  Why? Because I love the place.  I love the job, the girls, my Heather, my Dani, my Terri, my Darrah, my Tara, my new friend-replacement Rachel and most of all, my Emily.  They are inspiring women, driven, talented, goal-oriented, and they are all dancers in life.

The guests are taken back by the beauty of the new place in J-Town.  The Salon.  The feelings, the energy, the handi-work, and the value that Heather brings to them with her magical touch.  Making them all look and feel as valuable as they really are and even more so.  Then why you say?  Why are you leaving?  It is confusing at best.  

You will have to ask God that answer just as I did.  All I know is that deep, deep in my soul, I have to let them fly on their own now and I have to fly alone for a while.  

I have always worked for someone else.  I have worked hard, harder than most and I have worked beyond anything anyone ever required of me.  But, I have never worked for myself.  I have never set before my eyes a vision I created and though, far reaching, I have limited my talents and abilities to being half-tapped.  Always half-reaching for a glass which is overflowing with opportunity to dive deep into.  

I want to network now and challenge myself to trust in my own heart.  I want to trust in my own powerful, scorponic nature and stand on my own two feet and make something from virtually nothing.  Like Jesus did with the eyeball.

I picked my mother’s wedding business as a way to rebrand and revive something that has almost died.  Something that my mother poured passion and sweat and tears into.  Something that my mother believed in even on the day my grandmother died.  She went to a wedding that day which she committed to completing, in the midst of the most agonizing pain.  The loss of my grandmother early on was less than fair.  They were both working together in the quirkiest of ways, to help bride’s on their most treasured day and started this business because of my first wedding day.  And these last five years now, my mother and step-father have yes, gotten older and spent their time to take care of my grandfather, who has also now passed.  Weddings are hard to do.  Do you hear me? HARD!  (I know, I have helped them many, many times!)

So, you think I am playing on your emotions to get you to pass my business cards out?  Seriously, if you know me at all you will find that the truest of stories are the only one’s worth writing and writing the truest of stories will one day leave a legacy behind that I once lived.  

My husband said to me today, this Mother’s day, “You will be a movie one day”.  (Me, Dramatic??  LOL!)  But, I may very well be gone when this happens.  A story of me, past.  Yes, I can dig it but….. if and only if, and I have my way, my name will be in lights well before I die.  And, I shall die trying.  🙂

I do not blog because I am bored and have nothing else to do.  I do not write because I am lonely.  I am not an author because you say so.  I am therefore, well I just “am”.

So, as I leave my current place of work and start new and alone, may the power that is vested in me, in the state of Kentucky, pronounce me Louisville’s Best Wedding Planner 2015.  And may the God that I serve in Heaven shine as much favor as I “know” he can, place me in the right places at the right time each and every day.  Just like the day I met Heather.  Heather, you Inspired me to become greater than I was.  For this, I am grateful and WE dear, WILL be famous one day and we will love and help many.

Blessings to all who read this.

Momma H.

5 thoughts on “A Happy “Non-Ending.” A Frightening “New-Beginning”.

  1. Whoa – – something else we seem to have in common. I am a retired event/party planner. Weddings do drain EVERYTHING out of you…. But they infuse you with something life-sustaining too. I wish you all the best.

    1. Stephanie, Hello! I went back and looked over some of the comments I had over the last few years and I laughed at this. Wedding plan went to shit. I want to be a prof blogger. Cray cray! I have been keeping up with your blogs! Great work lady! Great WORK! Blessed be!

  2. Hi!!! So great to hear from you. Did you divorce wedding planning?? I didn’t want to tell you back then but that’s usually how the relationship ends up! A thankless job to Bridezillas and too much weekend work! Prof Blogger sounding much better! Please let me know! But so far I must say, Huffington Post was my dream and it’s not what I thought it would be. I loved getting this comment from you, my friend. Happy New Year!

    1. I DID Divorce Wedding Planning. Hell, after I had been a terrible example with three marriages who would want to put them selves through that? Brides go nuts, Mom’s get freaky and the groom just gets more and more drunk wondering why he is doing this? LOL! Yes, writing is my passion and I cannot stop. I think I would die! My Muse is Loose! Blessings……..and Joy your way always in Words!

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