It’s Tea Time!

It’s Tea Time!

Wow!  I am here!  In the corner of my living room and I am writing!  The one activity I do best!  I can now say, I can write and become an author no matter where my path leads.  Writing is not a career, it is a magical gift.  One that is giving from none other than my SELF.  (And my God of which created me in His image.)

Or in “Her” image.  I am cool with saying that.  Being a true women, shows me the aspects of God are male and female in equality.  Yin and then Yang, and then Yin again.  A circle of Life.  One that holds a story in my hand.

So, as I move about my days and weeks, and months and years to come, I sit here on a Sunday morning rocking out my “stuff”.  But if my “stuff” pings the heart of another to make a change from who they are to who they want to become, then, GREAT!

So, let’s talk.  Telepathically I mean.  You are now reading my thoughts which are alive and real in this moment I type.  I am thinking about EVERYTHING!  Which tells me I am a defined Scorpio!  Thinking, pondering, hoping, wishing, thinking some more.  I think about everyone  at the same time of existing.  I think about how do I fit into this time.  I am thinking how do you tell everyone you are very a metaphysical and very much a Christian.  How do you say, I care NOT what you profess so long as you profess what you care about AND THAT YOU HARM NO MAN!? (or women.) I choose Christ.

I care about my character on screen and off.  How do I treat my children, my husband and my dogs?  How do I treat my clients, guests, coworkers, and servers?  My Kroger bag persons’ and my ATT customer service reps’ in life everyday?  How is my energy when I stand in their presence?

Am I shitty with them because they do not serve MY purpose?  NO!  I treat them as equals in life.  I treat even my son (and daughter) as equals, gifted to me by the stars about and I entrust they shall grow up teaching others to be Good and Loving.  Zach is REALLY that way now and I pray forever more.  I teach him respect, Wisdom and to watch his back in the world of teens.  Teens are a “World” you know.  They are growing and advancing in their mind much more than us 80’s punks.  We were outlandish, rebellious and cool.  Hairbands and Cigs and Aquanet.  But we had power!  Power to change a generation by being the spawns of the Vet’s of Vietnam.  But we were (and are) now thinking about how we raise our babies.  There is a GREAT responsibility on us 70’s babies to pass some loyal wisdom learned during our greatest time of gleaning.  I see many TBT on my pages of which I adore to look at!!!  When I see a time where I knew I was “not of this world” but I had to live in a land of God and Monsters, so how did I survive it?

Mostly, Music.  You want the honest Scorpio-pic truth? It was all those great guitar solos, and rock bands and love songs and banjo picking moments where I could just let the Music Feed My Soul.  Some people will tell you to watch what you listen too.  ACDC, horrible! Roxette.  SLUT!  Tony Braxton?  Sex 😛

“Humf?”  Did you stop and read the lyrics of most music?  It is poetry.  It is a deep thinking of someone in a moment of THEIR time, trying to scream or yell or belt out what their Spirit Man is saying.  The orchestration of chords and rhythms rock us back and forth.  Magically, earning our trust to help us seek further into the mind’s eye.  If you have a dark side, then back out toward the light.  If you are too heavy of a light being, you may just blind someone into darkness.  And you may mysteriously float away being too light.  Think about it!  Balance out your need to seek further for our future and our generations here and to come.

We all say we want to live in Peace, Harmony and Love.  Well, it take’s work.  It takes change and it takes an enormous amount of Patience of which I finally have a bucket of.  Not a big bucket, but at least I picked up the pale.

So, today, Sunday 10:17a.m., May 18th, I am now classified as a business women, a mother, a friend, a Wedding Planner, a Salon Manger, Kentucky Story Crafter, Chefgoody72, a bride, a matron, and a pre-menapausal witch and my new pet name is “Alex”!  How Neat!



Holly Goodyear

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