“Bound by time. Destined to a Timeless Place”

That is what Spirit dropped to me pulling the in garage.  I just left the gym and I wanted to write.  Remember, journalling is my meditation but then sometimes, the computer and internet world becomes my enemy.  I get frazzled to want to think, write and then get enough of life going in a day to be productive, challenged and happy, let alone accept that virtual reality is also my world now.  I totally accept it because how else can I fully be present with you? (mentally)  Then, I said to SELF, you have 15 minutes before you need to start being a producer, so write.  “And write out in your magical back yard”.  So I am.

Let me paint you a picture.  There is a great morning breeze outside and the sun is gently coming over my tree’d horizon.  The air feels cool, but nice, on my still sweaty skin.  There are birds, chirping loudly at me to feed them.  “The feeder is out!” they cry.  Like I am some sort of provider for crackled grain to help enhance their flight pattern.  Well…….Yes I am!  I love to feed them so my ass needs to go to Kroger and get some cracked grains, or seed, or whatever they put in those bags.  I need Yogurt too.  Liberte’ yogurt mind you!  It is the best, most natural yogurt and it makes me Happy!

As I look up, I see my sweet little Tanner boy looking at those birds, just waiting on the moment to pounce.  OP!  He just did!  I am so psychic! Ok, 8 minutes until shower, so I feel better and I am going to go see my hubby.  That man!  He is just so freaking cool and I love him.  I am the LUCKIEST of all women.  And I will bet you money on that!  🙂 LOL!

Be blessed today!


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