“What could have been!” A Tribute to HY.


What could have been a complete mistake became a miracle.  Today would have been my last day at Neatbeat and I was planning on moving on.  Now, before you say “huh?”, yes I am starting my journey as the Executive Wedding Planner for On The Bride’s Side Louisville.   I have a passion to be amongst the happiest of all women, not only helping them on their wedding day, but with their life.  My heart, my passion, is to teach and guide and love all women, all shapes, all sizes and all colors, as if they were my very own.  They say Scorpio’s are possessive.  I am.  I am very protective of women and the gift they bring to all.  Women are strong, courageous, and are required to be pack mules.  Families rely on women to nurture, raise and cultivate a foundation for future generations.  So, as God would see it, He has me staying onboard with Neatbeat part time AND also, is giving me the opportunity to be my own creator of the new brand for On The Bride’s Side Louisville.  Wedding planners are unique and I can do both.  This, of which, I am grateful.

Now, to the real reason for my journaling.  Heather Nicole Yurko.  

Heather, could have allowed me to go on my way and thanked me for a service well done.  We ALL worked HARD this year and we dedicated ourselves day and night to making a dream, a reality.  Neatbeat is Heather’s dream, her Heart and HER baby!  She is living, eating and breathing the REAL DEAL.  She is living the dream!!  And she IS, what she says she is!  She is PIP.  She is Positively Impacting People.  I really cannot speak for her nor do I need too.  Heather IS genuine, unique, addicting, and she is marvelous!!  Heather is EVERYTHING, and I repeat, EVERYTHING, I inspire to be.  She is 27, I am 41.  She is beautiful.  I am pretty cool too, and I can finally admit it. (lol). Heather is magical and Heather is humble.  Heather is…well………….the most interesting, blessed by God, dynamic women I have ever met.  

Heather is health conscious. Heather is energetic.  Heather is giving.  Heather is funny, creative and a do-er.  Heather is a friend to everyone that has met her and she is going to be a very famously followed women.   She will be amongst the throne’s of Oprah and of Princess Di.  She is as classy and as sophisticated as Lauren Hutton.  

She is none other than a dynasty in progress and is a deserving recipient of wealth and riches one day.  She will give it back by PIP.  And you will not believe what she will accomplish!!

Heather, has changed my life for the better and if I left this world today, I will have been changed by meeting her.  She follows Jesus and I follow Jesus. So we all follow the same path.  Give, Love, Laugh, Live and Give some more.   I owe her so much but she requires nothing.  Nothing except Loyalty.  Of which, I can do.  (I am Scorp.  The #1 trait of my sign.)  

So, Ms. Heather, I love you.  With a genuine Christ Love that is brought by God, Creator, Lover and Friend.  God is so good to allow me to stay with Neatbeat and the whole brigade.  Thank you Heather.  ITF.  Forever and for lifetimes to come.  You WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

Momma H.

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