“This is Where the Journaling Continues to Heal Us”.

So, yesterday I had to take a loved one to the hospital.  She is GOING to be fine but she has a terrible infection.   It was surreal to see the ER.  It was even more surreal to watch sickness continue to manifest all around us.  It is in our food, and in our minds, mind you.  However, hidden behind much, are secrets to living healthy, happy and whole.

I know I eat things and do things at times which are not 100% beneficial, but when I do-do things that are beneficial like getting my butt out of bed and working out early almost each day, when I don’t really want too, or saying “NO” to the honey bun laying on the table,  or in my rush to go off to work, I take that 10 minutes I need to write to release my thoughts to GOD or do yoga until my spine cracks like a bowl of rice crispies, (the lesser of evil cereal but not by much) at least I am doing something.

Something small for my body which is aging rather quickly.  My heart, my lungs, my veins, they are all taking a beating after 41 years of obesity.  I am now down to 150 pounds consistently.  But I PUSH and I strive to never give in to the cravings all around me.  The sugars, the soda’s the gluten. Yes, I consume it too but very small portions.  I would rather hear my stomach growl for 10 minutes knowing in my mind that is just my normal digestive system’s way of saying, “Boys, let’s move that poison out of here!”  Flush it!   I am trying to choose better foods like a yogurt, an orange or a stalk of broccoli! (Yum!)

I am on my soapbox about this today because, I LOST SLEEP!  I lost 5 hours of my day yesterday to watch our current medical system, push us around in hospital beds, with no smiles, no peace and a lot of pain. Even the workers look sad.  That my friends, is our hidden society.  YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES TO HAVE A BETTER DAY AND A BETTER LIFE!  It is ONE choice at a time.  Will you try something different today for YOURSELF?

Be Blessed.


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