“I Did it! I started my Life!”

Alright!  I did it!  I started my life today.  I am sitting here, this day, writing.  Enjoying the moment of rest in my etheric body.  MMMMMMM!  A Salvation of a sorts.  Ok, this is going to be deep stuff. LOL!

Seriously, I am so thankful that right here, right now, I have 20 REAL minutes to dedicate to my writing.  I love that I know have a good blog and a fun page to post stories too.  I love that I have a Facebook that I can post silly life events on and I love more, that I have a Pen and Paper awaiting me for my true-true purpose.  To Write.  

It’s funny.  Yesterday before work at the Salon, I pulled a Rune and I asked my Spirit Guide helper, to show me my next page.  I was in a frustrated mindset when I did this.  So I expected to be spanked by my consciousness.  I then hear, “WRITE”! (AGAIN…….) 😛  When Iooked at the Runes’ page before I saw my Year of the Soul markings from 2013 it was the beginning of my dedication to become a writer.

It has been almost a year since I have dedicated myself to MY year of the “writing” Soul.  It was a date in a time past, almost 365 days ago, that I proposed to myself to be better NO matter what the pathway lead to.  I really did not know last July, what would come my way after doing my initial soul work.  I took lots of online classes.  I committed myself to unbind myself from the Love of Money.  I started working at Neatbeat which really has changed my life for the better.  I pissed off a couple of people at yet another agency but I am so sorry for that.  There were people there that I know I could have been friends with.  I lost to that chance.  I bought my family business name si I can start a new Wedding Consulting/Planner/Helper business and I have an interview today at a cool place in town, to hustle a few more bucks to feed my family this summer.   So, why do I care to write about all this Holly Goodyear stuff??? 

Well, I found a few things along my path that I BELIEVE will help others.  I found some balance.  I found out how to curb some of those frustrated feelings you get when you don’t get your way.  (I am selfish!  Who ain’t?)

I found that a little Yoga for me, is the best magical of way of standing tall in adversity.  It helps me Mind, Body and Spirit.

I found I can eat better even though I bitched yesterday about eating crap and then I ordered a pizza last night.  Yep, I fell into a stressed out- tired-out 7:00 pm mundane-mode, and I said the hell with it and called “My Papa”.  I ate two and a HALF pieces of greek pizza and went to bed.  See, we all war against the flesh man.

BUT, I crawled up, out of bed this morning and walked and just returned from walking!  Refreshed!  And, i walked with my hubby also, mind you!  He went along.  After two long shifts at work, he crawled out and walked too.  And we spent a great time communicating!  

We communicated about our dreams, our fears and especially about our spirituality.  We see far into the future, though unclear, to know that destiny awaits us.  And when the Spirt of the Living God sends me messengers to WRITE, you bet I AM!  I love to write.  I love to find a place either morning, noon, or night, daily, weekly and sometimes, only Monthly to just do it!  

Understand, when learning to become a new person life gets a little bit hairy at times. Life becomes Unclear at times and certainly can be frightening!  But look at this picture……..  You wake up one day and you REALLY tell yourself you want to change.  You fight, you boast, you struggle to gain a buck or two and a status.  You spend countless hours looking into the world and how others are “doing it.”  How they are doing life and not falling down, broke, busted and disgusted every time they turn around!  You look at the person in the office next to you who has less work on their desk than you do.  You look at the person driving the BMW or the Audi and you wonder “What they did to get that?”   Or, is it that you look at your newborn lying softly in his crib, just arriving at his human destiny.  Precious.  That this child may just be called to change the course or patterns of the world.  

Could your family be as famous as the Trumps and give all that wealth away?  How do we know if Donald gives to charity?  Hell, are his tax records available too?  Quite frankly, I do not concern myself too much with Donald, since he has had the same opportunity to learn how to gain it as I do.  He just figured out a way to manifest it.  That does not make him “bad”, “mean” or “successful.”  It is makes him, well…..just Donald.  Or DT, if you’re nasty.  (Ok, bad Janet Jackson joke….only a girl……..LOL!)

What am I trying to teach you here?  That YOU CAN FIND a pathway that will settle you.  It will settle your Quest for more material things and enhance your Quest for more Spiritual things.  I don’t care how you see the patterns of Heavenly communication so long as you HARM none and understand who you are serving.  And If I can stay the course and write, teach, blog, help you, connect people, smile happily and do a good work for my wages, then I can manifest more blessings than maybe I once thought I “could” ever.  I already have so much now in my care and I am just getting started!  Look out world.  I will have much to say and the time is NOW!  

May you find the Pathway for your Year of the Soul even if you do it on your own terms.  365 days will change your life.  It sound cliche’ but is does work!




Holly Goodyear


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