“And Boy is it Clean!”


First off amidst my busy little life I am setting a picture of this candle into my blog.  My best friends does not feel well so I am setting my intention that she get better fast and I am also sending her Reiki.  She was bit by a tick camping and that little dog made quite a welt on her skin.  Now she is achy.  But I am very optimistic that all is going to be fine and I will be waiting to hear something soon.

In the meantime, I just spent the last 48 hours of my life cleaning my house.  I do like to clean.  It is definitely a way for me to go into my own mind and listen, talk and then think to myself.  Most of my thinking has been lately about where my life is going and how I can take it to a new level of wellness.  I really did learn a lot in my career as health and life agent and realize that sickness and disease really are choking us out.  It is seriously choking out our mental health and draining our country.  When our stress levels are high and we obsess over, money, psychical health, and family matters, we come to a place when we need to act on things and become doers not just thinkers.  And, this is what my cleaning today did for me.  It showed me a lot about me.

Doers, well, they do it.  They do what they can to take action and build their dreams.  They write, sing, cut hair, exercise and read a lot.  Doers do these type of things and then they try more things.  They carve wood, they go to kids ball games and they keep going.  They strive to do more, to better and be their best.  

Striving….  That is what I have been doing for quite a while now and it made me realize something.  The root of striving could also contain some s-t-r-i-f-e too.  Strife?  Yes, strife!  As I evaluate my place in life today, I have most certainly encountered much strife lately.  And strife has been mostly my doing.  My worrying about my uncertainties and my lots in life have placed strife in my lap but just as strife decided to take a seat on my  thunder thighs, I am now showing strife, THE DOOR.

“Out Out Damn Spot!”  I am cleaning my life style out now!  I AM, going to do these things and take action:

1.  Read and not just write.

2.  Cut out much if not ALL of my alcohol intake.  OMG!!! I might just die!!!!!  No wine?  We can talk about that later.

3.  I might be silent more.  Even around others.  I do not anticipate to be some wierd’o Silence of the Lamb freak but just a little slower to speak.  I want to be listening.

4.  Food.  Another O-M-G for me since I love to eat and I love to eat certain things.  I love Liberte’ Yogurt and Hummus.  Hummus and Trisket’s for me and my Dani.  I love cheese and bread.  Now, I do not make a habit of eating large quantities of these things but really, what I should be doing is eating some extra protein and veggies.  Some raw veggies.  I love them I just need to be more patient about eating them.  I am in such a hurried mind each day I grab for the easy and not the healthy.  And you ALL know that growl in your stomach that belly aches “give me more of that processed stuff.”  Consume………

5.  And yet another thing I am learning is that I am learning about love for ME.  If my love chakra is out of sorts, then I am miss firing on my OWN emotions.  My green light to have more patience, be more kind and be more giving, is resting in the Heart Charkra and it is where my internal love center resides.  It is really very easy to understand after a while.  

With all this thinking today and sitting enjoying the fruits of my labor, it gave me time to think back and forward.  I am going to be a doer and DO better on GROWING.  I want to have such as lifestyle change that others notice and just do it in stead of striving to do it.   Wish me some luck!


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