“Reiki- I AM Not so Flakey!”


Good Morning!  Or afternoon, by the time I complete my entry since it is the noon hour.

Well, I did it!  I applied for an additional occupational license in my decision to start offering Reiki as a public service along with everything else I do. 🙂   I am working diligently with my life partner, my husband, to continue concentrating on better lifestyles for us both and today I have spend the latter part of the morning running personal errands, getting my house in order and evaluating my path.  I am so happy that GOD does show me that I have many paths before me and that I can enjoy them all and stop STRIVING!  Today, I am doing!

So, to you the reader, in order to clarify a few things (since some of you have expressed that I have confused you with my “many paths”), I want to recap on what I am doing or trying to do.  Nope, I had it right.  What I am doing………..:)  and here goes:

I am writing a book.  Well, a few books actually.

And, I am in love with my working experience helping Heather become a millionaire and watching the best beat artists in the world start their craft in the Beauty industry.  I love my days at Neatbeat and work hard to help them be successful and my baby girl Emily is blooming into a divine young women!  Love it!

I am studying (and have been for almost a year now) Mind, Body and Spirit.  Holistic ways and I have failed in a few places but I am pulling up my boot straps to get serious!  Never Give UP!

I am cleaning for people.  Cleaning is meditation to me!

I am praying for certain things to happen for my husband so I can start marketing all this stuff about ME and getting out into the streets soon.  (It will help someone else!)

And I am now ready to start offering services out of my home.  I want to offer Reiki and also offer Intuitive Readings.  We all need inspiration in the unknown places.

I am devoted to blogging and social marketing and I accept the world as it is while changing mine.

I am SERIOUSLY devoted to becoming a better mother, wife, daughter and also becoming a better consumer of good foods, recongize economical opportunities and an all, be a better American Citizen.  This blog is not sub-titled an American Drive Thru Life for nothing!! LOL!

And yes, I am still working on my On The Bride’s Side Louisville Wedding Consulting business too.  I am working to find the right “brand”. That means that I am not taking lightly what services I can offer a Bride and her Groom.  It goes deeper than just a party to me.

I am not going to provide anything like flowers or rent candelabras, as that was what my mom did.  I AM offering my HELP.  My expertise for communication and planning to help find them most cost effective, quality wedding, that could possibly be achieved. Like coaching I think….. That takes “planning” on my part and networking amongst the providers and it does NOT just include caterers and cakers but I want to focus on how to keep the parties of the wedding focused and reduce their stress levels over it all.  This is where I am putting the most value to my services.  TRUST!  Helping the Bride, Groom, Mothers and Father, build some trust in the world!  I am actually REALLY happy that I am handling this part of my life this way because a couple of weeks ago, my Spirit Guides showed me how different this wedding initiative really is!  It is still in a visionary state and that is ok but who am I reporting to anyway?  Just ME!  I am the boss of On The Brides Side Louisville, ‘eh?  🙂

So, don’t be confused on my additional desire to offer you Reiki and Readings out of my home.  It is what comes very natural to me.  I may decide to teach some group classes later on but I have one more important certificate I want to obtain before I classify myself as a “teacher.”  I am, however, a great communicator and I do know what practical life applications make sense so I can help others.

Lastly, ***I just found out my Life Path number is a 3 and I was so happy when Y.W. told me that!  Thank you Y.W. for helping me with that!  You inspired me the other day to do better and to BE better!   I am thankful for each event and encounter in my daily activities and I know that you all can find happiness in every day life like I am finding it.  I just know it!!

I hope you all have a great Monday!


Holly Goodyear

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