“Let’s talk about the body more today and less about the brain today, ok?!”


I know I talk a lot about the mind.  I live in my mind a lot and I want to spend some time now focusing on my body.  I am on the path to finding “Good Eats”(and drinks) every day.  Yesterday and today, I had only one cup of coffee per day and it was after the noon hour.  I had really hit a wall last night and at 6pm, I thought I was going to pass out from no stable food or caffeine fixes during my workday.  I recently, decided to change my highly addictive coffee habit and for the last two days I decided to drink hot tea in the mornings instead.  It is caffeinated tea but tea none-the-less, tea.  Drinking tea for me is more of a celebration than just juicing my self up with a pot and a half of coffee.  Coffee represents more of a “hyper-dyper” need I have to get my butt off and running in a given day, whereas tea gives me a different experience.  Tea has for a while now, been a bit sacred to me.  I always spend a minute or two smelling my tea when it is ready and using that moment as a personal reflection to enjoy the fragrance of my tea and count my blessings.  (ok, I’m still in the mind a bit…. I know but hang with me here!)

Hot Tea is a better choice for most people than coffee.  I think coffee is a lesser celebration in drink choices.  Tea can be enjoyed peacefully and by starting my day with drinking tea, it creates a stepping stone for me to think about what my body may be consuming for the “next” meal and think about how I want to be physically.  During the 5:00 a.m. starting point of the last two days, I have been concentrating on being a productive HEALTHIER person and in doing so, I decided to put more thought into my habits with food.  I really like the picture I posted in my blog since I do enjoy almost every one of these items multiple times a week.  So, in looking at this pic, I am not actually doing too bad for starters so yay to me!  I have been TRYING to eat more consciously in the last few years and I am down to a responsible weight now but I have more work to do.  My definition of a responsible weight is that I feel good, can maintain my wardrobe and that I don’t ache everyday of my middle age life!  

What has been brought to my attention this week in my conversations with my Spirit Guides is that I need to really work on my body for a while and don’t spend as MUCH time worrying about my deep philosophical thinking right now.  They said to me that I still consume too much dairy.  That I eat too much hummus as an excuse to not cook and I do not take the time to prepare my foods with consciousness and I classify hummus as a vegetable but it is NOT.  Hummus is not a horrible thing but I can no longer eat it three and four times a week.  I also, need a lot more protein in my diet.  I need to eat protein in the morning, and not as much at night.  The protien choices made each morning are easy ones.  I can make my famous, fluffy scrambled eggs.  I can make my simple egg white protein shake and I can also add boiled eggs to my diet, which I love.  (The house stinks when I make them but you cannot smell it can you?)  I do not think so!  So, MORE Protein early on…….  Anyone have ideas on that please share. PLEASE…. SHARE…. Your thoughts!  (I beg for your input because I really do care).

I also like to eat a handful of fresh spinach or even arugula with my eggs and I certainly like to garnish them with salsa and even Sriracha  in the morning.  Spicing up the eggs, makes your Prakriti kick in and start to move in your body!  (What is that? Well,  GOOGLE IT because it is important to balance!).  

It is honestly not that hard to make strides to eat better and once your body gets a taste for good things and you start to lose SOME of the crave for the trashy foods, your going to see a change.  Craving PACKAGED High Fake-Sugar foods and the outrageous Sodium monsters is a PAIN!  But, the craves do go away eventually.  Oh, and they are terrible craves.  TERRIBLE I say!  

But how do people who are on a limited income afford to eat better?  I know, it is a big mountain to move out of our way (money that is) and to say to everyone that you can feed a family of four on $50 bucks a week and not just buy pizza rolls and Hot Pockets, but it is a stretch.  However, I assure you, once you purchase some of the staples to make food taste better and decide to eat more freshly, you won’t need to eat so often and the three meals a day we say we need, consuming massive trash calories, will turn into snacking on an apple and an orange or an occasional greek yogurt and you won’t even stress over the money limits.  Your mind will reduce it’s poverty mentality and naturally then, the universe will begin to provide you will better doorways to health and prosperity.  It just happens that way and we need to set our minds in believing our bodies are just reacting to the culture of personal choices and decided reactions when we eat mindlessly.

I do not claim to be healed from old habits yet or that I am a new found guru of magic behind eating practices but it is not just about me.  The Truth behind the magic in food is becoming very obvious and nationally our crisis-minded culture would think and behave much more clearly on a regular regimen of 8 oz. of fresh orange juice daily and/or a cold iced water with lots of fresh lemon.   Yes, I am cool with just an occasional Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke in limits!!!  You would be surprised to find that after months of good eating, one McD’s quarter pounder with cheese can still be a “craving” to you but as SOON as it hits the ol’ pipes below the belt, WHAM, a shit storm approaches.  Literally!  If you do make a Betty Crocker boxed cake for your son’s 15th birthday, have a small piece and move on from it.   And, yes, I do love me some chocolate cake.

Think before you eat. Your body depends on it. 





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