“Happy 4th to my Wellness Quest Friends!”

Hi guys! It’s morning of the 4th and we celebrate independence. I decided this morning to write to the members of the wellness group. I think there are around 20-30 of us now. I’m not sure since I do not have FB up. If I do, pull it up, I will be hit with Resistance to write you.

I am announcing my humanity today. Sometimes I want to renounce my humanity but that would not be fair. Being human is my destiny of life here on earth and with it, comes forcing opponents to make me change and also welcoming components to help me grow into a super natural…person. (get it, a SUPER, like real NATURAL person?). The inspiration of getting up and writing to you as a close friend on Facebook, was driven by the book I am reading called “The War of Art.” by Steve Pressfield. Mikeya and I are starting to read it at work. I am already half way through Book One and the mail carrier brought it just yesterday. Hell, I worked until late eve and went to bed early so that tells you I cannot put it down, except to write to you. Resistance. “Resist-ance”, which rhymes with “dance”, if your are a country homo-sapian. Resistance is the whole subject of the book. My resistance to write a novel, or take more classes or get up out of bed to at least walk outside for five whole minutes, is apparently stopping me. Right at this moment, I hear the two black crows that live across the street, caw-wing at me to come play. You think I am joking. I have a very deep relationship with these crazy guys and the remind me of the cartoon, “Heckle and Jeckle”. That seems a little creepy huh? Nope, they are so cool. Last week, they were in my back yard eating seed with 8, yes EIGHT, squirrels and a million other birds. I love my back yard. It helps me to remember that I am supposed to be writing and learning about living and loving the world of people. If I miss my walk before they fly off to nest, I will see them Monday I am sure. Why, Monday? Well, don’t we all sleep in on Sundays?

Ok, the point of sending this blog to my wellness quest peeps is because I am at a personal place struggling between working with more with nature then realizing out of 500, almost 600 friends on FB, I have but so few that really read me and that I could share the gift of touch with. (REIKI….) So, That makes ya’ll sensitives too!

So, why did you join this quest unless I made you? (Ed). No, not really…..Ed joined willingly. The TRUE purpose of this quest is to find people who want to communicate to find change for the better. And with that said, I need to know who will speak up? Are you afraid to speak up on here or just too busy? Really, if you ARE too busy, that is totally cool because I can barely get my creative juices out of my PJ’s each day but there are key people in my life that encourage me to keep going hard at it. I am a ingenuitive person. Yup, I AM! This book, is telling me right now that the word Genius is a Latin word. Steve says it is our “soul’s seat”. The vessel that holds in our potential. Whoa!

This tells me that there are secrets of life to make one happy, healthy and whole and though we are all walking and advancing in a life of social technology, we still create the power to find our Wills. God’s Wills, or just ultimate karma. I am going to start calling my personal visionary intending “writing”. Secrets out. Can I get a paycheck like Rhonda Byrne now? 🙂

Would someone be willing to share their dreams of becoming an “artist, entrepreneur, writer, or fairy princess” in this group or do you not wish to fight for ultimate destiny? Or will you let Resistance to sharing be your halt? You may say, “I don’t want to post anything in this group because of my privacy or because you don’t “write”. WHATEVER!! You are on here are you not?? If you AIN’T posting something, then you are creeping. (LOL!)

I love you all with all my human heart! I really and truly do! I need you all. I really and truly do. So, if you own any encouraging gift of word, speak up! Someone on here needs you!


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