” Yep, I am still in a drive-thru life”.

MMMM.  My faithful blog.  I am sitting down in my office ready to study.  I have a long list of things I am personally working on and toward and am just enjoying this Sunday morning.  Most of you are currently at church and that is great too.  We are all in a world of destiny and happiness and I know that worship services can be a breath of fresh air even if it is hard to get up and go.  I spend a little time in the worship centers around the city on occasion but I spend a grand amount of time in communion with God’s Spirit.  I spend at least as much time alone with God as I can muster.  Looking around my office right now, I can classify blogging as one of two things.  I am either really addicted to the computer like so many of us are or I am using this as a tool to prepare me for my day.  Very soon, I will be getting up and showering for my first ever Storytelling class.  I am very excited.  And what is even more profound is that I am not sure if there will be any guests to read to. It may just be me, my family and the storekeeper.   I am so good with that.  I believe that if you put your mind to doing something even with unknown factors ahead of you, you will construct a doorway to open your dreams and deepest desires.  I love a good story.  I am living my life as if it is a story.  A story that I narrate and even around dark and unknown corners of “next days”, man, I am so glad to be in control of my emotions and my settings.  I am really thankful to be in control of my energy and my awareness.  

After my class today I will come back to this seat, minus the laptop and study my Reiki Manual today.  I am really, really thankful that my next Reiki class will teach me key symbols and technics to be strong and grounded and don’t be surprised when I start to perform more sessions on people.  There is a whole list of people who say, “I wan’t to do Reiki!” and have no idea how powerful it really is!!  The time is now my friends to understand our bodies.  I have set up my legal tax status with the metro department so please know, I am very serious about this Mind, Body, Spirit life style that I am creating and have studied on for almost two years with a hunger to reach a higher thinking.  You can have Reiki healing no matter what profession you hold or belief system you have and it is very manifesting.  By offering to hold Reiki sessions in my home or at the shop in town is a great opportunity for me to meet and help new people.  I want to help new people find their own wellness quest and sometimes we need guidance.  It takes “doing” to understand your body and mind so please do not leave that out of your personal wellness quest whether you seek Reiki or Christ.  They are not in competition with one another I assure you!  Do not let your thoughts run off with your destiny without contemplating a few things.

Do you ever imagine that one day you will settle down and glide through life in the easy seat on the bus with a lap full of riches?  Will you finally arrive to a place where you are determined to go to right now?  I am determined to go to Italy and Charleston one day.  I am determined to find a Dali Lama lifestyle and be healthy and I can do so in my faith as a Christian safely.  But what about those days I do not make it quite to the bottom of my to-do list, get frazzled and have to crawl in bed, incomplete in my mission.  What about those days that I blog and not one person could give two shits about what I have to say or do in the next 40 years?  (Should I be inclined to live that long.)  What about the day I decide to sit in the sun for one hour and write a fictional chapter in my book that has not one story plot but like, eight and I frustrate myself yelling at myself to get it together or you will never be a writer!?  What about the morning I get up, again, and take a 20 minute PAINFUL jog around the block and the scales never move and I eat too much gluten in a day.so I run?  I am 41 you know.  My knees are weaker and my hip is getting older and yes, it hurts to take those first few steps before the recon shuffle kicks my jog into hyper speed and my breathing becomes belabored.  However, there is a moment when I loosen up and can kick out a good mile before I quit.  It’s better than nothing!

So, here I sit, now done with my blog and I am getting ready to move on to something else.  What was it?  Oh, a shower and story telling at Moonstruck.  I will have a couple other distractions I am sure along my way.  Enjoy your Sunday.  And go Love on someone today.  🙂 




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