“I have been doing it all wrong!”

Today, just now, I read a section of “The War of Art” (Steve Pressfield) and it spoke loudly to me. I have been doing it all wrong. Seeking Happiness that is, pushing and pulling against resistance. I realized by definition, that I have been a fundamentalist. Yes, really. Do not confuse fundamental with practical. Fundamental just scratches the surface where practical just takes basic measures and helps them to make sense. There are basic steps in life to exist independently but should we be that independent? To exist solely away from others for self sufficiency and away from the combined creativity that enters your mind when you share your arts with others and when you help care for others in any manner?
To be happy, I should be artistically “forward thinking” verses always thinking “Why am I here?” (That is past thinking.) I have actually created a resistance and bound myself up in survival by constantly thinking that one question in my mind. Honestly, who cares why I am here if I can’t just accept that I am here and in order to really look closely at happiness, I just need to enjoy what I can create while I am here.

Sometimes, it takes doing the simplest of things that are not so fundamental according to the standard of modern life. Our Fundamental actions in America are to eat, sleep, work and pray. How non-fundamental would it be to paint a simple canvas in your moments or draw a simple picture with pencil or even string some colored beads on a piece of yarn and show it to someone you love while counting the colors? You could look at the colors together and share a moment seeking out the combinations of purple, green and orange. Yes, these three colors are secondary colors according to my 10th grade Art class. None The Less beautiful however.

In short, to find true happiness, fundamentally is not very easy. Always looking behind us to determine why we are here just creates more frustration and promotes more questions verses creating something new while we are here. I do think we should seek out some reasoning to be a part of the human tribe so you can continue to co-create but do not obsess over like I have been.

I think I will start my paint project today after work. I am going to paint a Blue Jay. No reason. Just to do it and because I want to try it. Thanks for listening.


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