“May I start by saying?”

Self development is the number one skill ANYONE can possess.  In the midst of fear, social-economical crisis, governmental confusion, religious bigotry, marital fighting, child abuse and racial criticism, I stand a victim of absolutely nothing and no one.  My SELF is in charge of my future path way, my ultimate karmatic destiny and my personal choice of how I react to an adverse or unexpected event.   I am surprised to say when you really think an outcome will surface to make your life better or more comfortable, you are fooled into a box when you plant a scenario in your mind and bank on an absolute result without considering the cost.  The cost of comfort and pleasantry is what we can call resistance to change or resistance to what may be the wheel of fortune.  In our Resistance to change, Higher power or in simple terms, God’s divine purpose will potentially test you when you THINK you have the answers.  Today, I have NO answers to questions that have plagued my mind for months and yet, I am at peace, I am at solitude that I is “ok” and I am at a crossroads to know, the potential outcomes of life are indeed a spiral dance of life and life remains beautiful and intriguing.  

Today, I have nothing in front of me but a blank canvas.  A painting of which I can again, create.  To hold a brush stroke of hope that in a moment, my life can change and change and change again without my permission and yet, in a ten thousand year span, one day is nothing compared to the mighty acts of the Higher Mind.   I want a Higher purpose and in my case, My trust in Jesus Christ to spare me some Mercy is NOW.  In writing about my love and trust in Him, Jesus offers me the Mercy Seat.  And today, as I sang along with the band “Mercy Me”, I Can Only Image and Casting Crows, “East to West”, I realized it is in his Love I sing this song for me.  FOR MY ONE TIME JOURNEY.  May whatever way we seek may it bring comfort, safety and love be the RIGHT way.  

Buddah taught the Right way, Jesus taught the True Way and all other Gods named in Heaven taught us the Wise way. (The Key of Solomon).   I choose Jesus to be my Lord but like any Queen, I  have my choice in who I call Lord.  But God has brought me many friends with may belief systems and be that may, I still love all mankind and I am thankful for the One I know as the Universal Mind who is the all seeing eye of Power no matter the title over the door.   May each of us find Unity in our Faith, Pagan, Christian or Jew.  No Judgement against one another.  Just Love.



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