“A Women of Power Creates Positive Changes with Declaration of Happiness.”

Yep!  It’s me!  Right now I am still seeking out ways to be a continual woman of POWER!!  Holly Goodyear is becoming a mighty woman of Power and I will take it thank you very much!   I have had a whooping busy day and yes I am tired but stopping my momentum now is not an option.  I am happy about my socialistic character and my divine matrix.  Sometimes being tired is an involuntary option but it is NOT a deterrent to stop my massive shout out to HAPPINESS tonight!  I am moving from a mediocre A-typical Scorpio status right on up the evolution food chain to Phoenix class 101.   Bring on the winged creatures!

Did you know happiness is actually a noun?  She is a THING and I want to thank her for being with me.  I googled her to be sure she was not an adverb and nope, she is not.

Happiness is one thing I welcome everyday and I am thankful for her.  She sets me apart from some old “Holly Goodyear” who used to look at fatigue as some dying destiny of doom.   I blogging about Happiness and not even sleeping or flopping my big ass size 8 on the couch? I have only been an 8 for a few weeks now and I still see myself as fat so someone please correct me here.  I am working my work to not see myself as FAT but I still use……….  (The F word).   aka “I am human”.  Hey, I have the power to change that though so on with it!

So I ask you, have you ever come home after rocking and rolling day in your life, working, networking, taking care of the family, taking care of the pets, taking care of the garden, taking care of your Spiritual being, taking care to work out your “bum”, taking care to take out the trash, find a clean pair of underwear and taking care to………………….well you get it, EVERYTHING.

And after all that jazz, you gals tend to hop on Facebook, Twit, Instagram, or whatever social playground we live in and read all about someone else’s day so we can send out love and harmony, tweets and prayers and catch up on anything that we feel strongly about to bring about Power for change..

If you are someone listening, then before the next time your aching head is tired and completely zoned out, remind yourself that the best, most productive way to stay attuned to the pace in this life is to remind yourself that EVERY Day you are HAPPY!  There are reasons why you choose to make yourself happy and it is worth the time and sacrifice.

So, my Friend as you read this here and now blog can you ask yourself?  Are YOU Happy at home?  And are you Happy at school, work, the doctors office and happy when a freakin’ physical unexpected diagnosis or any mentally crushing mindset is presented to you and yours???   If not, well then keep reading.

Did you know that negative thinking can be scientifically altered and re-designed by just choosing to work these events in life out with a “Happily Ever After” every day mind set.  And yes, even if it sucks or hurts…….CHOOSE IT!  Choose, choose, choose!!!!!!  CHOOOOOOOOSSSSE to be HAPPY!  Role Play with yourself in the mirror and say it out loud!  “I am happy dang it!”

In a nutshell, what I am saying is do not bitch about “anything and everything” you wrap your thoughts around and make SURE you are only speaking, thinking and redirecting your weary, worn out overly sensitive female heads around and convert your thoughts into Happy words and HAPPY energy.  If your tongue starts to say something derogatory, unpleasant or crabby about someone or something, just stop it!  Girls, I swear you will find a difference in life over time when you think positive thoughts no matter what some creep did to you and………..life serves you very well when you decide to do things in a certain way and then when you do it matters as well.  Remember that!  And if you are lucky enough to be a women, I hate to say it but we are given a very large amount of potential power in this land.  Women have not lost their ability to craft artistic lifestyles for their home and families and we have been given really big tools to work with in our society.  Do yourself a favor and find out what trigger is available to you while you cultivate wellness in your spirit.

For me it’s what this blogging stuff is about for me and I know in any event you can face the outcome with a Happiness mentality as I am doing.  I promise you that if you are dishearten with any unfortunate event right now, somewhere deep in your desire you can relate to me that some form of happiness can change your potential outcome.   I would not be able to look anyone in the eye and teach this or manage them or mother them if I was not telling you Sophia’s the TRUTH!  Heck, I may be in a drive thru life at times, but I am going to be very clear on my order and please do me a favor.  Super Size it!


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