Long Awaited…”A New Age Way of Thinking in an Old Age Way of Doing.”

Yes, here it is!  The long awaited answer to the age old question, “Why am I here”?   Personally, I have been working so hard on trying to find a new way of making my life better and really, there is not a complicated formula on this.  It is one word and the word is change.

Yup!  That is it!  C-H-A-N-G-E!

What sparked this thought today was when I realized that I had a messy house when I woke up this morning.  When I rolled out of bed thanking myself for making the coffee before I went to bed and when I was trying to get the dogs out in the Thunderstorm to pee, it really hit me that 10 years ago, waking up to a messy house would have made me drop my basket!  But I did not care today at all.  It’s truly not as if I have disgusting form of bacteria growing everywhere although, that HVAC vent looks a little monstrous.  Hello Feather Duster!  No, the house was just a little messy.

And so wham, bloggy time!  Has it ever occurred to you that we look at life as a series of muddled days and then try to squeeze in as much as we can but over the long haul, small changes that you wish for; like not being so uptight or living just  one day without anger sitting in your lower chakra, might just be something worth working for and taking notice too?

As a newfound Reiki practitioner, it wasn’t until I finished my Master IIIa level this week that I understood the modalities of “Happiness” in the world rested on this one action.  To change.  

How do we not see this?  It was the driving campaign for our Presidential elections.  And I will be the first to say it. (Insert foot).  I do not care what party line you do or do not cross, that Man deserves some credit for not bailing out before we even elected him.  The majority of our universal thinking is all messed up!  Nuff said!

So whose fault is it?  It is No One Fault.  Notice, I did not say no one’s fault.  I said, and I repeat, “No ONE Fault.  Guys, hear me out.  A quest for wellness starts when you are at a place in life where you either cannot stand to live with another person or you cannot stand to live with your self and you STOP BLAMING!  Either way, it is up to you to make a choice to change your circumstances.  I am not advocating for someone to get a quick divorce and you all know I have had two.  That shit is complicated.  And I know, I will not have another divorce because in this marriage I have matured just enough to learn how to communicate effectively and then the added fact that I am passionately and madly in love with my husband is statement enough.  🙂

I am not advocating a cure for everything on our tables today but it is true there are cures out there waiting to be discovered.  All the while, we are working so hard to cure a disease but we are not looking backward to see if we are working just as hard has they did as natural healers to change our patterns based on holistic thinking.  You be the judge of your own life but are you anti-natural healing?

Which brings me too………:):):)

Judgements, a big reason why people are afraid to make changes for themselves.  It is because they are too afraid of the judgment of others.  If you are not one of millions finding themSELFs making extensive conversation in their head about “If” and “What If” and “When” and “What If Not”, then you are the lucky one.  

I have been so worried about my personal change and what others will think or say it has stopped me from much.  I have been fighting so hard to change my life in the last 18 months that all I have really accomplished is a few invisible black eyes and an erected cross and skull bones gallows against my higher self that says “Death to the Dream!” says the Poetic Muse in my head.  

But do you know what????  That Muse enabled me to stop and be very happy about the progress I have made today in wanting to feel better on the inside.   This ol’ Muse in my head has a name and I call him or her or them, my guides. Or, my guidance.  My OWN guidance.  Directed and telepathically sent by my Lord Jesus.  Jesus always sends me the BEST help!

So the apothic (see definition below) truth is that Happiness is found within you first and unless you are willing to make palpable changes in your thinking first hand, any new way of thinking you are trying to master, will just sit and “bubble with toil and trouble”.  (A little Pagan humor of course:).  Please, seriously, look at some of the old ancient teachings I am always mentioning.  They really will help enlighten you if you will take a little time to reflect on them and receive them without judgement.  

Which brings me too……:):):) My Reiki Practice.

I vowed to take it seriously.   I vowed to myself these things and only to me.  I vowed to be gentle and loving and nice and invite happiness and not worry and harm none and don’t be angry just for today.  Those are pretty good goals to set.  I will still always be “cray cray” as my daughter calls me but that is just the part of me who always wanted to be an actress.  And heecky, I still can! 🙂  Actress Reiki Makey you Happy and not Flakey Goodyear!  (Just for fun you know..).  Louisville needs a good new middle age actress to emerge. LOL!

If you have never had a Reiki treatment then listen up.  Get one.  I don’t care where you get one because when you pick a practitioner to send you or give you Reiki you can pick someone you feel comfortable with and that has received teaching from a knowledgable person and preferably a certified person in good social standings.  If you will notice, MANY of the massage therapists and the hospitals are starting to offer this as a compliment to clinical practice so Reiki practitioners even can submit a resume’.  That should tell you something.  

In my funky and fun loving ways of promoting high impact energy on social media, it dawned on me that some of my excitable personality may make people uncomfortable.  And I do not want that.  

Going back to my messy house issue and how it used to really bother me when things were out of place,(always getting excitable), I had to make a decision to just stop worrying so much so in order to heal from the tactic called frustration.  

Frustration and Change live in the same apartment complex.  They don’t necessary get along but the do live on the same street called “ShiftMe Ave”.  Well, that is what Reiki has helped me to do.  Reiki helps me being willing to change and shift and with a little help, even heal.  Heal what again you say?  Well, here we go……..”Heal Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and the all-resistant Physical states we exist in!”  

Cases are being documented right now on how this complimentary New/Old Age Way of doing our work is helping people to release old thoughts and negative emotions.  This in turn makes us all feel, better, stronger and faster upon waking into your tomorrow.  

Even though modern Reiki teaching dictates a practice used long ago, there are research centers that have now put together ways to teach Reiki with their trademark for various practicing agents and most are keeping in proper ancient methodology.  None the less, it is an ancient art.  

I really enjoy it.  I enjoy the learning that Reiki has brought to me. The energy it gives me access too!  I enjoy waking up on a Sunday morning sleepily waking down 13 steps to the coffee post and not caring that there are shoes in the floor and two very large teen age boys crashed out in my living room.  I really enjoy knowing that we are down to a half a roll of poo paper today and that militia will not come in and arrest me for being a bad mom who cannot keep up with providing for her children.  (Yes, I was that bad in my head at one time! Always criticizing myself).  And now what I am going to enjoy most is offering this practice and some point in the very near future professionally.  

Can I do that and still have a day job?  You bet I can.  Just like any student trying to achieve knowledge for success, I paid a good sum of money to a very good teacher who has a college degree in psychology to help me understand Reiki.  The reason I have been so drawn to Rieki is because when you work a high energy church alter for years, you try to help people and pray through and it can be exhausting.  Can you imagine being at an alter for two hours straight, praying your heart out crying, whaling and heaving only to get up and see the person walk away holding their issue tightly in their hands and take it home?  Ouch.  I was such a baby Christian!  That is all I can say.  It hurt me so bad to work so hard physically on wanting to see people happy, it crushed me that I could not even lay hands on people and them be healed.  That was not right!  My heart was not in the wrong place and I was supposed to be doing that in Jesus name.  I WAS!  So why all those mental road blocks then?  No Reiki was flowing.

 I do have a few more personal areas I want to grow in before I feel comfortable to teach this as Master practitioner and I have a waiting period anyway and another class in the fall, so I cannot teach it like you think but I can practice it all I desire to prepare to teach.  Think of it as an apprenticeship.  Master Reiki teachers don’t just give you a gold star for coming to class and send you on your way to light incense and throw “Sister May Margaret” on your massage table and jazz her up with 110 volts of P-O-W-W-W-E-R-R-R!!   And heaven forbid someone breakdown and cry at your office and then sue you for their emotional wreckages.  It is not like that at all.  

And how serious am I about offering my services for the rest of my offering life???? Well, I have a tax id number with the city of Louisville.  Does that make me serious in my practice, my business and my standings in the community? Only if I do the work myself!!

Oh, and to my personal friends who are questioning, “Well, what about your day job?  Tell us!!”  Well, what about it?  It is the most dymanic new salon in this entire city.  (Along with all these new restaurants popping up in the da ‘Ville.  Louisville is hitting it!!   And so are we at work and I am blessed to be a part of the salon.  I hold very serious my position right down to the prophecy that has been fore told of Mrs. Y way before she was born.  You want to see a believer in action that dreams can come true come stand in our venue and someone to be following, check out my boss.  

There are no plans to leave my day job in front of me. I do not will it.  If God moves me out it would be because it is right for all but I love my job very much.  It is hard job for my aging hips sometimes but hard is not a bad thing.  Middle Aged women need these young girls to keep them young, active and challenged and if my job is going to be physical, then I better be doing yoga!  And, have you seen how pretty those girls are?  LOL!  I got to keep up!  (this is just my cray cray coming out).  And, I love them like my own children……….. These dynamic women I work with all have the ability to not only change your hair color but in time, could be the next Maria Shriver or the Paul Mitchell or President of Aveda.  You can bank on that one!  My belief in them is so strong in them right now I would not want to miss it for the world and I can use my Reiki to strengthen them as well if they receive it.  And, my daughter works there too!!  And…………And…….And……….and I love to be needed.

Nope, I can offer Reiki whenever it is convenient and even when it is not.  I hold the keys to my 24/7 schedule and you hold the keys to yours.  Truly, if you truly want to know more on self development and are too scared to see a clinical person, reach out to someone who knows about Reiki or some type of Old Way of Doing.  There are thousands of years of proven tools out there to provide you a better path even if you have to take clinical meds.  Do you know what you will have if you remember to work on MBS (mind, body, spirit) all together. A Testimony of Change.

I am always willing to answer any questions via email or phone or face to face over beverages.  And NO, I don’t charge you to share with you what Reiki is and I would much rather discuss it face to face locally.  I am super excited to share my testimony of living with everyone!  We just have to schedule it in our busy little lives and Reiki practice is not leaving earth anytime soon.  Embrace a little of it.


p.s- as promised…….

Beautiful or stunning.
Staring deep into the apothic abyss, I found myself feeling as if there were a woman, somewhere down there that had my heart
*Urban Dictionary”

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