“Monkey Mind Almost Set In Today with a Pair of Shoes!”

Oh my it has been a long week!  And today, my horoscope said I should really hone in on my creativity today.  But, in order to enjoy my Sunday, it took some serious reflections in on this week and how my body handled anything relating to stress.  And once I evaluated myself I decided I did relatively good this week for being BUSIER than shit.

Today’s adventure to the mall of “horror” was less than appealing but I did make my way through Pac Sun and Champs alive.  I guess on a beautiful Sunday afternoon like this right before school starts there are many people out there fighting for their right to consume products.  Very expensive products might I add.  I remember when my daughter was school shopping for her first years of high school in the late 90’s and I think I gave her a budget of $45 for school shoes.  What is it with this shoe phobia for teenagers?   It is like they are afraid if they do not have a Jordan, Adidas or “other” top rated (and costly) brand of shoe for school, they are less than attractive.  I get the craze kids endure just a wee little bit when I think back on my middle school days on Taylor Blvd when I wanted the high top Pony’s and actually got them one year!  I could not believe that my parents had hit the lotto and we had a name brand shoe in the house.  Look out Iroquois Raiders!  I had a name brand shoe!!

Today, the shoe I LIKED for my son was $199.00.  If you add tax then we are talking another $12 bucks.  I mean, really? Take the math times every child in the city above the age of 12 and we have an epidemic.  I had to wait in line at these stores today for about 20 minutes per store.  I will say, however, my son exercised more caution on pricing and was much more gentle on me then expected.  And, he was grateful.  AND, most of all, he stopped in his tracks to hold the door for a lady today at Macy.  Yes, she complimented me on how I had raised him.  Thank you Jesus!

The real plot to this story is that after I spent 3 hours in the mall, I was spent.  (So was my wallet).  As soon as I hit those stores, I felt the energy drain from my Reiki hand like a J-town water hose.  I felt the vibrations and frequencies of people all around me and my chakras were whirling like madness.  Have you ever seen the pinwheels on a stick?  Imagine 7 of them spinning from the top of your head right down to your party parts.  I had to stop, drop and roll around in my head on just how many people were just zombiefied during this shopping experience.  No one was looking up over their smartphone screens and I saw very few smiles.  My son was “bumped” into like 8 times and the tellers were R-U-D-E today.  Now, I am not trying to be a hater or overly critical but I AM telling you what happened to me.

Most of the kids in the store were really obnoxious to their parents and I saw about 6 mom’s that looked like they just lost their best friend to a chicken liver.  It was really sad.  I had to take a deep breath and realize that in the mall setting the only pleasantry I now enjoy is a sample of Teavana tea and the Starbucks counter.  (I do subject my self to consuming a latte every once in a while now but ‘alas, I did it with some mindfulness.)   I really understood what it meant to give great customer service when we are so nice at work.

I really understood how important it was for me to keep my cool at that moment so that my son’s shopping experience was a positive one.  He noticed me getting emotional and fidgety at all the chaos rolling around me but I grounded myself and looked right at him and said, “No, this is not my favorite place to be right now but I am going to enjoy my time with you anyway since we don’t get to do a lot together anymore.”  So I chilled.  It was a learning experience for me as a parent that showed me I am not just hallucinating about the mass consumption happening all over our world.  I was so like that a few years ago. Disengaged.  Actually, just two years ago really.  I consumed as much over priced stuff as you could imagine and I knew I would just hit status quo one day by doing so.  I have my vices, it is true. (lipstick)…  But after today, I will think twice before mall shopping on a regular basis.  Those few choice addictions I still hold dear to are really looking less appealing and I feel terribly guilty still for having them, so maybe the wake up call I had today will help me to keep giving away money when I can verses buying for myself ALL the time.

Now before I throw all of you my many shades of gray eyeshadows, hear me out.  There is a real knack for balancing life on modern day social terms.   Our thoughts about finding comfort, joy and peace and love still rest right inside of our hearts.  My green heart chakra is actually too open most of the time and this is where I have been tripping myself up!  I have been living almost solely in that area of my life and my super women intuition needs some more sharpening so I need to move up the chakra chain and really do more meditation!  I need more stillness than I am getting now.   I cannot go jump on a plane and hole up in Tibet, but I can practice what I am preaching here at home.  That trip today to the mall threw my jamba jug into a momentary tail spin and I wanted to get real crabby waiting in line only to be treated with “slight” disrespect.  I decided not to be negative though.  The only crabby in my house is my son and that is because he is a Cancer Sun Sign.  And even he was optimistic and nice today.  Yeah, that is what I call learning. 🙂

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