Banishing Negativity at Work!

Our philanthropic movement at Neatbeat is PIP. Positively Impacting People. My lifetime goal is to spend each and every day being productive, effective and positive. This is why Neatbeat fits into my life. Along with this fabulous opportunity to network with hundreds of guests at the salon and speak to hundreds of professional women on how they are getting along in their daily routines, I get to turn my personal Reiki practice into a professional one as well. These two walk hand in hand.

Reiki offers us a way to put into practice valuable insights on how to remove negative thoughts and emotions from our routines and sets our beings into motion in order to become productive and happy. In our workplace, it is critical to balance home life and work life effectively and the slightest bit of negative emotion can upset our apple cart. The way to avoid spilling your apples is with effective communication and dealing with our blocks internally that have stopped effective communication. In the artistry setting of a salon, if you do not consult accurately with your guest, a lavender blonde could be turned quite horribly into a purple “mishap” leaving looking like Grape Ape.

Uncheck emotions at work are a ticking time bomb for a disgruntled team and will overflow into a negative result for your most important asset. Your Guest or Client. If positive thoughts and emotions are not present in your staff board room, then effective communication will not exist. After I spent years trying to form a thorough line of communication upline and downline in my professional career I had to take a step back at why I continued to internalize my job and take home loads of stress. Amidst thousands of emails and phone calls, I always took the time to be sure my etone, my egrammar and my econtent were acceptable to my career path. The most difficult part of the equation was that most other people are so overwhelmed in their own work life amass overloads of tasks that they do not truly read or respond accurately to well thought out communication avenues thus leaving valuable production undone. There is but one true solution to this problem. We need to banish the negative thoughts and emotions in the workplace. Confrontation does not have to become negative. And with any corporate or private workplace, harmonious jesters are few and far between if you are not careful.

Do not settle for ugly falsehoods in your thinking and your production. Do something about negativity at work. If it is your superior, then be nicer. If it is your downline, then be nicer. You can direct and guide with niceness and come out way ahead verses being a (bleep). Find your emotional pathway and do the work.

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