“Back to the Chalk Board Students!”

This morning the rain is pouring down and I decided to forgo the gym and drink some piping hot coffee and work on my mind therapy.  I am excited to announce that I am now working on blog #6!  For my friends who know me, you all are now thinking that this chicken is cracked!  How much stuff can one person get into in one life time?  Well, lots!  And it is just darn awesome!

So, out flopped my laptop and the very first thing I decided to tackle was my “it’s me Holly Goodyear” word press account and take my blog format back to the original chalkboard theme.  I think for this general blog about “me” I will keep a consistent theme and “signaturize” myself comfortably in knowing that this will be my general writing space and every time I feel the need to circle back about my fast-track life, I can count on the chalk board to bring my thoughts back to center.  (Signaturize is not really a word I don’t think but I like it!).

So, where are blogs #2-6?  They are here.  And to soothe your curious mind on how to find them, let me help you.  We know that Blog #1 is about my “drive thru life.”  A Fast paced, revved up, going across the country at countless mental speeds.  I choose this theme because I got locked into that feeling that I cannot keep up with everything life throws at me.  However, when I put my life in perspective, blogging about this modern day pace and about our instant gratification needs we all have, actually slows me down and allows me to have gratitude for my life here in lovely America verses having a meltdown every time I feel I just cannot keep up with the “Jones”.

Blog #2- Kentucky Story Crafter.  After I started “drive-thru” I realized the euphoric release that writing brought me.  I tapped into my consciousness, a very dormant place in my mind which belonged to my creativity.  I always wanted to write a book.  Most of us do.  I always wanted to live in the little fairy tales I heard as a little girl and write poetry in middle and high school.  It helped me to check my emotions when I was feeling too high or too low in life and as a teenager and I had no idea what that really meant….  Hell, I was even a pretty good rapper in high school but too embarrassed because I was white, fat and well, just to beat up mentally. Who would believe I could produce poetry or art or do acting or all those things my Muse was presenting to me as a young girl.  I would make people laugh off the cuff all the time whenever I got nervous and I loved the energy that was presented while I created stories in any form.  Then I married at 17, had babies and worked like a dog to try and provide “the american dream” to my household.  Writing generally does not pay the average Joe very much.  Us little American worker bees are continually singing “I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go.”  Well, now I could give two shits if I get paid to write but I have awakened the giant.  (Pay would be nice though so please send money or point me to more money!  God says he has it available when we believe!)  I believe in my authorship.  It is authentic.

Blog #3-Chefgoody72-Experimenting in the Kitchen.  You have not seen this one yet but you HAVE seen good ol’ chefgoody72 in videos in my kitchen on YouTube and Facebook.  If you have not, watch a video.  A few years ago, I was fixing dinner in my kitchen and having a nice glass of wine and pulled out my iPhone to do a video on the fact that I threw everything I had in the fridge out and that I was getting ready to experiment some cray cray concoction of a meal, which turned out excellent.  I had to show people that you can have great fun in the kitchen and totally pull together a meal with just being creative and mindful.  (There was that Muse again!).  My addiction to Food Network TV, had me screaming inside wanting to be the next Food Network Star and I even went down the local college to inquire on the culinary program.  What stopped me?  The Jones’….  At that point, I was really fighting the battle of the mommy bulge and just popping some crappy meals in the microwave every other day or night, was making me sick.  Don’t eat that shit!  If you are in a hurray and find you need something for dinner or breakfast, I assure you there is something in your fridge sitting lonely and perishing, and in need of love and your energy to become a great source of nutrition on your plate.  Take an Apple and slice it and throw some almond butter on it, and you have a great meal to start your kids day verses some processed pop tart.  If I eat a pop tart, it is once maybe twice a year and not 275 mornings.  You get me?  And chefgoody72, well you got to laugh about me cooking right?  Most people do not like to cook after a hard days work BUT chefgoody72 do!!  Watch for more to come on this one as I am feeling a rising to do a video pretty soon!

Blog #4 On the Bride’s Side Louisville.  Ok, this one is a bit sideways.  About two months ago, I really wanted to spread my wings and find my independence with all this soul work happening in my life.  As a marketing and sales professional, I had this great need come up to be heard and I really thought that my family wedding business could be revived by skills.  And, well, though I can do it, who is going to pay my bills while I spend the next year networking and branching out on my own to do a revised “start up”?  After getting behind the wheel of the wedding car for a hot minute, I realized two things FAST…………

#1, that my connections to my day job were more than just a job and I could not give up what I was doing at the salon and that it was divine destiny to be a part of something bigger than just watching these gals do some hair.  There is a ministry and a universal “shift” happening at Neatbeat.  This humbling experience at work over the last 7 months has changed my life for the better hands down.

And #2, the bridal parties at the salon just came flooding out of the woodwork so actually get to have my cake and eat it too.  I am coordinating the wedding parties at the salon.   We THROW DOWN this event at the salon and on the day of the wedding, it is just AWESOME!  If you have not thought to have a “morning of the wedding hair and make-up party” with us, then you are missing it.  I just love those days at the salon!  Any way………..back to blog #4.  It’s in dormancy and yes, I own the name and the rights to the name of On The Bride’s Side Louisville, I’ll have to think about that later.  Entrepreneurship can serve you a plate of lonely and poverty if the timing is NOT right!

Blog #5- Holly Go Healthy.  This is brand new. (it’s a spin off Holly-Go-Lightly if you know who THAT is!) #loveher.  I am not sure what I want to say yet except I have made my way to a healthy mind, body and spirit and it took work.  My wellness group on FB doesn’t say much to me yet, (you quiet little critters), but I am not giving up my voice on being well.  I am SEEKING FEEDBACK from people who are also on a wellness quest or a wellness journey.  There is more to having a healthy lifestyle than meets the eye.  I still have cottage cheese thighs but they are shrinking!!!  I am not 26 you know!  Get moving in the right direction.  There will be bumps and bruises along the way but you can change your life with the right tools.  It starts inside you.

Blog #6- This is gonna be a deep one!  Memoirs of a Scorpio.  Look out for this one ok? And PLEASE PLEASE share this blog with others of the 8th kind.  And, just when you think I have fallen completely off the turnip truck in the  last 18 months, this blog is going to rock your mind!  I am so happy to be a Scorpio and have ALL the traits that this honorary sign possesses.  I have most definitely been to the deep pit and back and am ready to talk about it.  I finally get it!  I get the astrology lessons and I get what perfect timing means and I really can see that personality traits are orchestrated by the Most High God.  If you think for one second that your Sun (and moon) sign have nothing to do with you living your most happy life, then you are being fooled.  Watch out world.  There is a story to be told by this women. #Scorpioturningphoenix.

That is all for today.  🙂

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