“I’m so excited! Aveda loves Bees!”

Is anyone out there sick of my happiness yet?  If so, please subscribe to my next outpouring.

Today, I woke up to hang out with the best teenager on the planet at 5am so he could get ready for school.   I grabbed my “Madam” cup of joe and commenced brain activity.

One of the first things I stumbled on cleaning out my emails was an awesome blog about Aveda.  As many of you know, I work in an Aveda Salon part time.  And as you know, I am also a holistic activist and practitioner.   (A very different one, but aren’t we all a little diff?)  giggle.


This Aveda article talks about the pollen and the bee cycle.  Ed and I noticed this year that our little mini-boxed garden did not take off so well.  What was missing early this summer was some bee pollination.  We though they had taken on some act of celibacy!  Later on through this season (as my contrary garden started to grow), they got busy. I filmed the honey bees on Instagram getting all up in my plant’s goodies!!  Good!!  Bee sex!  I was so glad to see that.  I had not realized until just this year of my life, how important my science class was in teaching about pollination.  No bees.  No life.  Trust me.  That is a true threat to humans.

So when I saw the company I work with show such passion about bees, I was like, “Yes!”  This company gets it.  I am also realizing that being with an Aveda product is a really close and person thing for me.  They are a plant based organisation and support these great adventures in nature.  You go Aveda!  I am proud to support you.  So, do you think I am just marketing for Aveda?  Hardly.  I am marketing for life and existence.  And will this STUPID threat for the purge tonight, it makes me angry on how this is being presented to us.  Seriously?  Stop with the games already peeps.  And if there is a terroristic mission for this purge, then this is where I use my powerful intent to block and protect in the name of Jesus and I am calling on the spirit of the bees to defend us.   We should all be busy as bees finding great ways to share love with others just like Aveda and little mind games are just fruitless.  May the Queen Bees Rule today!!!!!!



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