Vroom, Vroom…….!

I am starting my engine for today.  Tuesday.  I love me some Tuesday!  I have fired up the kid out of bed, put the coffee pot on, fed three dogs, done the dishes, and I am about to jump start the laundry, so I can get to watering the garden.  Then, I have to get busy.  You all know this blog post exists for those who understand the Drive Thru “American” life.  Do you own one?  I have three! 🙂

All this before 6:30 a.m.  “Oh”, and I charged the Reiki Grid too.  I am so proud of that tool in my life.  My Reiki grid gives me hope, comfort and peace.  Just like my Jesus!  Need some prayer?  God’s frequency is all around you to hear you speak!  And even in Louisville, while in Park, Drive or Neutral, one spoken spark off your divine tongue this morning, can give you the gas you need to drive on our your door and face the sunshine!  (Or rain in our case later on!)


Happy Gassing Up!



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