“Resist or Give In To PIP?” from #Tuesdaysareforscorpios

I love being off on Tuesdays.  I never really knew why before, but I did read how powerful a Tuesday is for my sign.  Now I seriously know Tuesday’s are religious to a Scorpio.  Today, I awakened in several unique ways. 

I opened my eyes to a new day and most of all, with my husband next to me.  As a women of powerful intentions, I knew that having my man by my side made me completely whole and each time he goes away and comes back, I see more and more, how important it is that we do the Great Work together.  So, what is the Great Work or for some or in Salem’s confused case, The Grand Rite?  For everyone, it is different.  I think that we all seek vast etnernal destiny and seek a right to live a happy, fulfilled life.  Many of us want to fulfill life having a partner or at the least, with true friends.  I am blessed that my partner is patient, willing to enter life’s stage with me and he is my life partner in all these pre-meditated communal love crimes!

However, I know there are some people that seek only after complete solitude in rode to survive and for a while, I started to wonder if that was me, but it is not.  I do-do like my moments of solitude but only so that I can recharge myself to be ready to be with all “others”, ready for battle………. Fulfillment to me ,is to find joy in people’s faces. I love to find “others” that thrive on love, and that is the intoxication I long for daily.

On Tuesdays, I give myself excuse to be a radical, fun loving and thrill seeking person.  I think I’ll accept my new opinion on Tuesday’s and totally indulge in why I am the way I am and why I just am going to Love my TUESDAYS!  I have very little boundaries as a new magician, save to harm none.  And I thoroughly enjoy taking chances on Tuesday’s, after calculating the risk, I think I will be a Tuesday Prophetess….  So, this Tuesday, after a celebratory lunch of “chance”, with my lover and spouse and soul mate, Edward, I decided to go out and randomly give away some money.  Not too much money.  But hey, that is our opinion of course!!  What may be “not too much” to me, will now become “so much to someone else.”

As we proceeded with our weekly Tuesday, we went off to have a wonderful lunch together all alone and we began to plot and plan our secret Louisville mission, thus my spiral effect commenced.  We had a two hour lunch at a fire brick-oven pizza “goddess’ haven” with great beer and we decided (well, I decided), I MUST, must give away money down on Oak St.

Oak Street is full of people each and everyday just working and making their way in and out of the buildings in downtown Louisville and I have such fond memories of driving up and down Oak Street and Second Street with my Dad and my Grandpa on different occasions as a child so it must be my stating place for PIP!!!  I always noticed the people on Oak Street in the 70’s and noticed them as “central” to life.  And, truly I know that some of these people will go home each night and face their solitude, unwillingly. So, on Tuesday, after heavily #pip’n the most awesome server ever with a $20 dollar tip, we two set off to the ATM and pulled out $40 and we made our way to relive my childhood memory of Oak Street.

Our first stop, however, must be St. James Ct.  I think that when Ed and I are empty-nesters, we will want to live there!!!  The houses are charming and so are the spirits of fantasia in our city.  Edward and I walked the powerful energetic court during the summer heat and we looked at all the detail we could take into our remembrance.  I even posted a video of the kitty we enjoyed playing with today on Facebook.  (There is always some puss in boots to entertain us in downtown Old Louisville. 🙂

Blessed Belgravia Ave. and St. James Court give us both the feeling that we had possibly lived there once.  I most assuredly think we did experience something of that fancy in the mansions during a past day.  Maybe in the late 1700’s or even last century.  But on this particular Tuesday, we experienced walking the streets of Belgravia in 2014, and relished every second.  But………..the true magic of today hit me when the Red Trolley pulled into the court as we finished our walk and I reminded Edward how we had coffee in bed this Tuesday and he stated that he had visions of riding the Red Trolley in past Louisville during 1700 and something.


How is that for premonition!?!  I snapped every pic my galaxy Samsung could muster and we jumped into Matilda and drove off into the busy city of Louisville, KY.

I am sure I exhausted my loving Edward, circling the blocks of 6th and 5th and 4th street until I could feel the moment to #PIP.   Then, I saw a man at a Tarc stop and a lady walking the side walk on 4th and I KNEW it was one of them.  We circled the street again and as we rounded 4th and Ormsby St. again, I totally saw the TARC bus carry away the man who would have been my PIP.  So, looking for the women in the scrubs, I did not see her as my second choice.   Not until the Red Light motioned “STOP” and there she was, seating herself right on the TARC bench.

“That is HER!” I said as Edward approached the curb and he put the car into stop.  I hit record and rolled down the window and reached my hand as far as I could to her with the money.  I said, “Ma’am, would you like some Money?”  “I am giving away money for fun!”…………  You can watch the rest on video but what you can NOT experience is the greatest softness I felt touching this women’s face while I reached for her black cheek.  You cannot hear the accent of her native language and know she has not lived her her entire life here driving through America and she was born another nationally than we……  I wish I would have asked her name, her story, her place here today but I just wanted to give and run.  And today, on this Tuesday, that is ok and giving took first stage!  Until next week!!!


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