“Save on the Water Bill and You Will Be Rewarded!”

So, I stepped outside to water my garden but hey, it rained last night so I am not going to spend the pennies on Louisville Water so I digressed.  I will take these 4 minutes and blog instead.  Aren’t you thrilllllleddddd?

Today is a really important day for our house and I stand in the hands once again of fate.  My petitions have been made known and we leave all dynamics into the Hands of God to know the best path for us.  I can certainly say that I am putting forth all my trusting efforts to my Father God and to my Mother Earth to show me the way and provide for me, right options.  I pray what I will is God’s will.  

He tells me my hard work will be rewarded.

 2 Chronicles 15:7
But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”


I am not ever going to stop working on me and I am thankful God tells me I will be rewarded.  It’s not in my cards to give up or quit happiness when you have unknowns presented to you.  Happiness is an action.  A Right Action.  I have subjected myself to realize that unknowns are presented to us EVERYDAY and I have joy in knowing, it is the thrill of the chase!


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