“Holly-What gear are you in?”

My motor is running BUT it is in idle now.  Understandably so!  On December 21, 2012 my family packed up everything and we moved to Bowling Green.  On May 25, 2014, we moved back home to Louisville and I changed my career and I also challenged the most important areas in my life that summer.  I challenged my beliefs, my eating, my thinking and my emotional habits.  I challenged economical “status quo” and I challenged myself to purge anything in my life that was not healthy.  And somehow, well, people became a part of that equation too.  I feel like I disconnected from some very important people in my life and it ached to let go of those comfortable roads I had been on with them.  I had settled with just living my life holding on to misunderstandings, and that it had taken over my well-being.

I do not find it ironic that the exact day all of this change started to unfold, it was 12/21/12.  Do you remember, that cosmic fear we had all that it could be the end of the world?!!  Well, it may have ended my imaginary world but it was well worth the painful decisions made, to seek out Happiness.  During July 2103, I had felt like I had just jumped behind the wheel of a car and revved up my engines, determined to find Happiness through my blogging and set my sails full throttle!!  In these hard times, luckily, my lights stayed on and my belly stayed full and I did not experience a death of a loved one but I lost a lot of material things.

During those moments I thought I would break to the point of exhaustion mentally and emotionally AND physically over my decisions but God always, ALWAYS set before me the right tools and the right people to show me the road ahead and reminded me it was ok to go through this change.

Now, on August 29, 2014, a very important prayer was answered and with a “Yes!”  I just began a new journey and GOOD THINGS are happening right now, at this very moment!  I want to relish in this moment and not worry that some evil force may come and jeopardize my Happiness!

I get so revved up inside trying to achieve life goals at top speed and I always fear once a good thing happens to me or comes my way, that some bad monster will come through and wipe out my blessings.  I have NO idea where I picked up this thinking up except to say, it must be some negative trait of my Sun sign.  But, now I know.  No excuses.  I CAN take this moment in my life and put the car in neutral long enough to be thankful for where I am TODAY.  I am thankful right now for this moment and right where I am.  This all just proves that everyone has a journey to embark in and you ARE in control of how you may drive thru this lifetime.  There are Road Blocks.  There are Red Lights and there are Flat (*ASS) Tires!  But THANKS be to God, there are AAA services, Retreads and Mechanics!   So what gear are you in today?  I am in neutral enjoying the view while my imaginary Jaguar idles.  And I am loving every minute of it!!  So, the moral here??  It really is ok to slow and idle and just breathe!


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