“Sitting Outside the Goodyear Mansion!”

Welp!  Right now it is early Saturday and I have a five day vacation!  I am so thankful to be home and taking care of House.  Right now I am watching 6 crows fly from tree to tree and a hot air ballon fly over my sunrise in Jeffersontown!  Gorgeous!

I came out at 7:00a.m. with my journal in hand, my intuitive cards and my pencil.  Oh, and my coffee, my dogs and my laptop.  LOL!  (Laptop aka. e-journal AND PAPER AND PENCIL!).  Within moments, my son and his 16 year old buddy, came rolling out the back door and sat with me and that really was cool!  At first, however, I started to do that inner moan because a.) this is my meditation moment and b.) 16 year old teenage boys don’t just come and enter sacred moments blissfully. 😦 They fart, snort and cause the dogs to want to play ball, and start barking!  LOL!   At 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday?  My neighbors must be pissed!  

NOT!  It was a great time.  And what is ever more exciting is that a humming bird flew 10 feet in front of us and hovered for like 5 seconds and we ALL got to see it.  The boys really like that moment!  To get to have two very large teen age MEN at 7:00 a.m. sitting with me during my most sacred moment of the day made me smile when I saw them smile!  As parents, I feel like we get so lost in time doing “stuff” and running here and there and everywhere, working our busy lives, we miss these moments.  These precious seconds are worth writing about and worth remembering too.  

So, word to the wise when your kids are around and you are not in The Kid Moment.  Get in the Kid Moment!  Allow yourself to share every magical experience you can with your family and loved ones.  Don’t be so busy in life that you miss out on the Humming Bird and the Farting experiences! 


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