“Making His Lunch.”

Today is my love’s second day at his new job.  One we prayed for.  One we hoped for.  And the one that God created out of thin air just for him.  I do not take this blessing for granted and we all know how hard it is to roll out of our beds to face yet another work day but when you take the first few parts of your day and write out your grateful and thankful thoughts, magic does appear before us.  These are the thoughts and feelings I cherish when I am  struggling to stay “awake” in my choice to be happy.   And today, I felt just like a home-making little “wifey” making his lunch for work.   It was a surreal moment because I typically never get to do that.  I have always dreamed about that perfect American life where everyone’s role was easy and breezy like the Cleavers.  Yup, I have those type of dreams too.  Not that I do not value and enjoy my independence as a working women because that part of my life gives me thrills and chills!!   But there is something to be said about finding a perfect balance in your home and I am going to continue to work at it with full gratitude.   It was so much fun to pack the plastic Kroger bag with left over Shrimp Pot Pie and an ear of corn.  Then, to take a toothpick on his napkin and finish off the package with a love letter, says it all!   

I even went so far as to fry two eggs and make toast for him before he left for work.  Two for two ladies and gents!  Does this make me feel like a wretched sub servant women miserable and used?  No.  It makes me grateful for having someone beside me that loves me so much and in the smallest of ways, you can put some magic back in their day but just intending on loving them back with a toothpick, some butter and eggs and a love note.  

Enjoy your day!


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