Quoting Others Helps Us to See More Clearly.

“Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life”.  Angelina Jolie.
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Suffering and Pain comes from the deepest places in our soul and we are all made up of light and dark.  It is the creative balance of life.  Our outward person can show up for years laughing, cheering on the games, dancing in the halls of glory and we spend countless days, hours and seasons, ignoring the deepest place in our hearts that are telling us to go in a different direction.  We are all just “different”.  Some of us carry the presence of the Sun and some the Moon.  But without them both, our life on Earth would not continue.  I am a Moon.

Resistance to move under spiritual direction can have a very heavy price.  I know.  I have lost many deep friendships by trying to manipulate my self into some contemporary illusion that does nothing to benefit my eternal soul’s purpose.   When catastrophic events in life throw you into the deep abyss like the belly of the whale, you then have new choices to make.  Will you wash up on land, still pissed off that someone else has “considerations” that God offers to THEM? Do we deny someone else’s destiny for HIS purpose and glory and choose to sulk verses accept the truth, or do you state the truth that you were NOT to stay on the ship forever and be grateful that in chaos God still has Mercy?  When God is telling you that you do not belong in a place and you IGNORE it for reasons untold, fear grips you in such a way that you are blinded by the Light.  When you disobey over time you will indeed run into the climax of the storm and so will all the innocent ship mates.  However, the end of the Book of Jonah does not give us the “bright side of the story”.  I expect ended with a smooth voyage for the innocent ship mates once they threw the man over.  (OR did he jump after fearing God when he knew he was in disobedience?)

Jonah was spared from hell once he was thrown off the boat and then sent back to shore by the direction of God and in the protective belly of stinky SOLITUDE.  Even then his story was illustrated to state, well, he was still pissed off.  Foolish don’t you think.

We can learn from Jonah’s contemplation on shore that not all reasoning in our lives have clear logic but we all know, these historical stories have not always proved logical.  I think the surviving ship mates were most likely relieved that he was no longer on board especially when the destination was clear to them at that point.  The horrible tempest was evidence of God’s direct judgment to remove Jonah, period.  If we look back on why Jonah boarded the ship originally, there was no indication of ill will or manipulation but just a man seeking a new way of life from what seemed to be Sheol on Earth. (Hell).   I am not Jewish but I have been reading for years about the ways of the ancients and we tend to forget how intense these days were for people in history.  Trying to Survive the state of darkness that some of us have in our minds…(And I know there is more than just one person)…..takes a lot of energy and there are ways to avoid this.  Reiki for one is something I now KNOW is not optional for me and it should be a practice I do daily and Mindfully.  God shares his Peace and Love with me during my personal Reiki practices and without it, I pick up on volatile energies of which I do not release back to the earth, owning them like I am the one that can fix, manage and control.  Reiki teaches let it flow through you and not use your own energy to try and change the world.  It takes mastery and not everyone is called to practice Reiki it but everyone can indeed benefit from it.  (Thus, I am working my emotions out in Room 101.)

Did you know the Story of Jonah is read each year in the temple by Rabbi’s during Yom Kipper (October) to help the children understand about the places deep in our soul and we must address this place before we can be completely immersed in the light.  Contemporary thinking can look over the meaning of true salvation when we are too afraid to deal with our own demons for the bigger purpose.

Jesus came to pay for our sins and that is we are told.  We are also told not to question it.  But, he too, took it on the chin when in flesh form and sometimes people just have to endure a little persecution when trying to feel their way in the dark.  People in the dark have a REAL hope that the legacy left behind our stories will show up in the light and love of the eternal world.

i know Jesus would agree that after HE agreed to place himself on the cross and after having a very strong conversation with the spirit we now call Satan, he was in agony.  He cried blood.  He was required to leave his family and friends that adored him.  There is a real feeling called “pain” that some people view as weakness but once the Christ consciousness of Light  begins to expose the truth, a new observation is presented.

I am proud of who I really am on the inside even when I look like the traitor on the outside.  I can take it on the chin and still keep going.  Many people cannot do that and my eternal story is yet untold. Time will tell if my life here on Earth served it’s purpose.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of Forgiveness.  May it start with forgiving myself of all things first.


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