“The Remnants of the Coat Room” A Satire By Kentucky Story Crafter

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Kentucky Story Crafter

Nineteen Seventy Seven.
This place was as big as heaven.

The coat room was a jail.
Reminded her of hell.

She sat cold amidst the tall window in class.
Ms. Franks, always so crass.

She made the little girl scared when she shoved her in there.

“Naughty, Naughty. Tisk-Tisk”-she would say.
“No Talking in my Class Today!”

But even still the place was a palace.
So big and beautiful, like a journey with Alice.

Marble doors and unique crafters.
Made the windows as tall as rafters.

Brick and Mortar.
Chalk and Paste.
Ms. Franks yelling- “Paste is not to taste!”
“Back to the coat room, you little waste!”

But the building, the setting, the halls so akin.
Like a Strong Tower, set her within.

Structure, history, recess and more.
The teacher made life for her seem such a chore.

Thirty years later, the building alone.
Ms. Franks, long gone, nobody…

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