“My Own Advice About Working.”

I haven’t written randomly in my own voice for a bit so I thought today would be a nice day to do so.  So far, three cups of coffee in bed and time well spent reading a killer book on Working Women has been quite impactful today.  I am hooked on the book, High Octane Women by Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter and it amazes me how real this gal is on defining work force strategy.  I know it is a Sunday and I am technically “self employed right now” but none the less, I have goals and visions just like the next person and I am not about to box myself in with unattainable options.  I have willingly had many recent changes over the last two years.  But oh, had this book been in my possession years ago, the things I would have done to better serve myself and my mates as a high octane woman!!

I must admit, having this recent time off to “find myself” on a deeper level has been interesting.  Very interesting.  And strategically, I miss some of the exciting milestones that building any business can bring and I need to take some credit that I have had some great accomplishments over the years.  Even today, admitting that there are better, faster, and more prudent tactics that can help you to become a dynamic success and that you can have a great work-home life balance, is challenging. If you fail to realize that forging a new path requires fresh reminders of reasons for business and that we are all trying to get a pice of the action.  But if you are not learning new skills and awareness in business and applying them to your personal goals, then you are selling yourself short!  (And you are selling others short as well.)

So, what type of skills and awareness are necessary for what tomorrow may bring?  (And I mean Monday when I say “tomorrow.”)

*Set a “work-home life bar” on how you operate in business. This Bar needs to be set by YOU and you need to state what you are able and willing to offer to a business before engaging?  Regardless, if you own your own business or you work for someone else, give yourself some time to take advantage of getting to know your co-workers, bosses and also, your clients’ and their communication style, period!  This will be the most important lesson above anything else when working with others.

People are either direct or non-direct and/or insinuating.  Direct communication can come off as insulting if you are unsure of your position and the communicators objective.  But we all know, direct communication is required to keep momentum moving otherwise we just stall…..  If you are a direct communicator then adding a please or a thank you to your direct sentences will alleviate some of the intimidation for people who are not so good at direct communication.

Are your co-workers/bosses or clients Decisive or Inquisitive?  Decisive people tend to fail at getting ALL the details at first before making an informed decision and enjoy swift and challenging results.  If it sounds like a good plan, then they just go for it.  Inquisitive people like to find out the facts before hand to avoid pitfalls and jumping off the ledge too soon into an abyss of further problems.  They like to “poll” the audience before making a final decision.  Both types have their benefits in business.  You just need to know what end of the spectrum you are.

Are people Competitive or are they Affliiative?  Competitive people are less tactful and more likely to assume their agendas are primary and they will be sure you know this as well.  Competitive people are highly invested in their own power and success and will churn over all obstacles to make the sale or make their mark known.  Affiliative people are more likely to share the power, support the team as a living and breathing organization and give everyone a chance to make their opinions/concerns known so that all parties share in the success of the whole.  Affiliates do not see the team as a hierarchal structure but as a village and love the mentorship of sharing skills.   Again, both are necessary to help a business strive.

So, did you stop and evaluated which one of these few personality types you are?  I have.  And, well, there is no shame in knowing it.  Better yet, I will be better for have knowing who I am, how I am and what I want out of business and I appreciate myself for taking this time in my path to forge through.  Man, I am making some tough decisions these days.  Stay tuned!


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