“The First Monday After.” Seasonal Changes.

Seasons come and seasons go and I love my experiences!  I do!  Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

The last three days were very special spiritually to me and I know that a few of you felt a shift in the air.  Did you feel it??  Well, what that was was the veil of PURE Love opening wide and the whole of the Holy Spirit of God, showing himself as present.

I remember in first grade, Ms. Frank (monster) taught me to say “present” when she called our the role.  But…..heck, now a days, the kids are not even accounted for in their classes so there is no role call to my knowledge.  I miss those old settings in our classrooms like we had in the past.  You stood up, and said “Good Morning” to the teacher (nicely and in unison), you placed your hand on your heart (Chakra) and said The Pledge.. and then we had a moment of prayer or silence.  Obviously, somewhere in time this was lost because we had some grumblings about equality and fairness.  But don’t you think politically, instead of gankin’ the ENTIRE effort to have moments of reflection for our little generations, we could have someone please reestablish at least a graditude theme to start their day in our system?  It’s so negative right now!!  (Generally speaking of course).

Living here in America and attending our village schools is a very important part of growing a strong country so why did we stop this in the first place?  Why did we have to stop honoring the flag and our Creator (regardless of denominational origin) in front of our children all together?

Did we stop teaching them a respected routine and teach them that nothing we honor and respect are in the classroom anymore? You (uncle) could make this a fun (FREE) exercise and see a shift in our children.  I see youth and teens hunger for positive feedback in their lives and this simple activity will be a game changer in the morning if you have someone willing to honor the original rules.

What if we added back one minute each day at the beginning of school like we did in the past and honored ourselves and our freedom in general?  What if we said a Pledge of Allegiance to humanity and honored world peace for ALL and then said a silent prayer of thanks for whatever the kid was thankful for at that moment?   And if the kid was a true Atheist, well let him honor that too just let him be……  We American’s kicked and screamed for the right to not judge each other and live as our FREEDOM, especially in the 80’s when we had our hairbands and our hot pink socks.  Our established government decided to remove church from state (or was it state from church) but this had nothing to do with a simple, FREE (no cost) tactic that we started our day with as children in our public education villages.  In stopping this public school activity we stopped teaching Honor.  That was all that was about.   You could get a parent’s view on this by polling US (the citizen) instead of the political hierarchy.

So why am I harping on this at 6:00am?  Because each morning I wake and I have to face the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, and I realize I have to be brave to go out there and leave my comfy domain.  (And not my www dot domain, my house!!).  LOL!

My weekend consisted of many things and my Monday after such a Spiritual weekend set a new energy in my heart.  I am hear to listen, learn and speak as the Spirit directs me.  I am here to establish a positive energy in my job, my house and on my planet.   God shows me quiet fairly that he is speaking to me in ways that have Honor and Respect as I walk upright on this Earth.  I am blessed to have so many new journeys in one lifetime and today is yet another.  I am excited!!!!!!! I do not see rapid chance and growth as a negative EVER but I can say, the pain endured during all my changes showed me how alive to the Holy Spirit I really am.

Blessed be!

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