Dreams and Wishes.

It’s funny, I dreamed last night I was standing on stage laughing that my title of my blog had become a play.  Yes, my life in pictures in my dreams.  Well, why not, it’s all out here on the internet anyway so why not become a legend? 🙂  We are so socially connected via media that we can now say, our thoughts and focus has become a life in pictures on Facebook, TV and in books.  I like the books part!  We ladies love fairy tales and as I imagine myself as a process in a far away land of good, I also know, I live in a land of prosperity and freedom.  This is why we are able to write and seek and look for answers that your life brings you when you least expect it.

I least expect that my blog would ever REALLY turn into a TV saga and if it did it would be a blend of Wonder Women, I Love Lucy and the Muensters!  Isn’t that a character in Pictures?! LOL!  But I want to be real here.  I love to write and think and consider myself a free thinker or philanthropist.  Some philanthropist were cast into the “Wacko-ian Sea of History” but that is ok by me!  It’s what you do on the outside of consciousness that matters.  How are you treating others?  Do you send love and positive energy everywhere you go even when you really want to be at home snuggling with your loved ones?

Today is 11/11 and some of us believe that when the clock strikes 11:11 each day, you make a wish.  I declare today as a wish day for all day for all present!

It is Yuletime, almost Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hannakah, and all those great giving time Holidays.  Rest assured I do not think a real Santa will fit down my chimney but he just might!  As I concentrate today on putting good in my life and removing all bad, I ask for direction.  As I write out my thoughts and document my dreams, in fun, I ask for direction.  And as I live and breath ON driving thru my life, I ask for direction.  So, make a wish today!

That is all. 🙂

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