Sensing Dread.

I have spoken to several people over the last couple of weeks that have emitted emotions of dread.  They Admitted this as well, and that life has been hard to walk through lately or that they are now facing struggles of a new kind.

One person may face that struggle toward bankruptcy or another person may face a battled with loosing someone to cancer and this past week our Vets faced remembering the reality of what they went through to fight for this country.  Many of those people expressed dread and concern to me, at least part way through their journey only to see, that a new day brings about new things.  Those same people now tell me life feels crisp, anointed or safer.

I know what it is like to wake up and start your day off wondering if, when or shouldda’.  And I know that when you have that achy-break-heart feeling before you have to walk in your new shoes again on a given day, that you can remember when the sun rises on your situation and you don’t know what is coming up next, you have the blessed event of that actual “Sun Rise” to remind you how each passing moment of love will shave off those emotional feelings which pin us down.

Dread is something we all experience from time to time but I can tell you that if you pay close attention to your heart and throat Chakra’s when you have those feelings, your Kundalini energy will kick in and the warmth of the color Yellow will rise into your heart once again.


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