It’s Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday, I think.  This week is flying by pretty fast.  Vroom, Vroom for us all.  I can sense the busy bustle of the shop’o’holics and the year end sales people getting ready to plant seeds for the next year’s harvest.   So, how do we make the most impact?

Did you know in modern day business the same principles that God offered us in the old days still exist?  “Do unto others” is way important when you are building relationships long term…… It is important to believe that your success depends on how you interact with people.  Same for business.

And, I love this one scripture as well.  How are you speaking???

King James Bible
am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.  Psalms 81:10.

I miss reading these type of scriptures each day before I leave my home for work and find my fondness for God’s REAL Live work in my life. My love for my life grows more and more each day.  It takes a little of this type of practice to know you can face the world and be positive in how you affect people.  My practices of giving and believing do not just exist during the Christmas season and I am excited to know I have surprises to give people on the way!!  I am going to plant some seed!

And as we fit into the mold of trying to make the world a better place each day, remember that when you encounter people on the street, treat them all as equal and as pure as you are inside. Plant some TINY seed!  You can even plant tiny seeds of niceness!  Practice the art of effective communication in business or pleasure and I assure you your needs will be met.  Be honest, open and considerate of others today.  Especially if it IS Wednesday???  LOL!


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