Making it Real!

Monday morning.  The wind is blowing insanely.  The temps are up but will drop and the cold brisk wind is going to affect us today with bitter chills.  These are the Monday’s that people may wake up and sense turbulence and smell an heightened aroma of winter coming downy the polar pike.  The transition from warm summer to “breath taking fall” are now upon us and the crisp, bone chilling cold of winter will begin to settle in our bones.  Let’s stock up on some Ben Gay!

So how do we combat the things that try to bring us down?  First, we have to realize that the Solar energy of the Sun is farther away now than 6 months ago.  So in order to mindfully replicate the warmth of the Sun you can think about decorating a little area of your home with some Yellow.  Of course, most of us have greens, reds, silvers, and blues running crossways and sideways in our house but someone on your mantle or on your tree, express the warmth of Sun by hanging a yellow ornament or a small yellow candle to represent “cozy” and “comfy” feelings this season.  Just do it!

If you are blessed enough to have more on your plate than you can handle this season, such as shopping, working and cooking, remember, it IS a blessings!  Being busy and riding the waves of the hustle and bustle is actually a test of your skill and strength.  Women, especially, have to exude strength in character this season and be mindful not to knock over the lady in line at the Toys R Us counter for picking up the very last Barbie you had intended for little Sally.  I mean, what would happen energetically to you if you were to not only be nice to people in the shopping malls, but you did something unheard of like paying for the order in front of you?  (If you are loaded that is…).  Some of us can only pay for a cup of coffee or send a greeting or two this year but I promise you, the smallest of conscious deeds this season will make you wake up on Monday and want to go to work.  I am blessed to be a producer in my home and be upright and walking unlike many people who cannot walk.  It affords me an opportunity to show my skills and bring home some money to care for my family and buy a present or two.  I think about my mom and how she has to face a foot issue and walking is something she needs to do.  So, I pray and intend that she heals from her “heel” issue and send her good energy today. My Prayer…….

Winds of Change, as you blow down this Monday, make the day successful and mindful for anyone who reads this blog.


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