“The Heart of a Recruiter”

Good Morning.  Tuesday!  Well, for any of you that read my writing you know what Tuesday means to me!  Magic!  A lucky day!  A day of prayer and contemplation while I set foot out into the world and be the doer of good deeds:)!  Ok, really what I want to write about today is my experience last night.  I think I have adopted the heart of a recruiter.  Yes, my job title is recruiter or account manager but what I got to experience last night was a way to be a good deed doer.  I got the PLEASURE of helping someone find work yesterday.  Imagine, you are minutes from closing the shop and the phone rings.  There is an immediate need for work for someone who had just left looking for that exact position.  Knowing you want to lock up and call it a day, my excitement kicked in and got right on the horn to try and connect the right person for the right job.  It was exhilarating actually!

And, as much as most people would want to lock up and go home, my heart kicked in and said that I could really help a family find a job who was quite honestly desperately seeking work.  So, he came back and there were kids and rabbits in the shop last night while I processed his paperwork.  Really!  The two little girls were adorable and since this man made the long trek across town after hours to get his forms ready, I felt congrats for him and his family were in order.  It was like a celebration! There was a bit of a language barrier in front of us but we all knew this was a joyful occasion for him and I even thought to let the little girl press the copy button on the machine while we made copies of his new job forms!  Then the little girl unzipped her pink bag and out she pulled a real white rabbit.  The rabbit was soft and furry and sweet.  It was an honor to send her bunny some giggles and love and it was honorable to help this family find work after hours verses getting all pissy that I had to stay late.  It was no burden on me and it made my day!  Like Alice in the Rabbit Hole, knowing what journey you are REALLY on makes working easy.

God, I pray today as this man works to provide for his family that you bless them as much as their bunny blessed me.  That my friends, is the Heart of This Recruiter and me, a Reiki Master.   You CAN bring Reiki into the workplace and change the World one bunny at a time!  Have a blessed day!


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