Emotional Quotient.

EQ.  I used this term last night with a client and when I said “EQ. Emotional Quotient” he looked at me like I had two heads.  “Yes, it is where you review someone based on their actions, personality and reactions to people in general and to their questions.”  It is like using a small bit of intuition when interviewing someone for any reason.  (Marriage, Job, Contract Labor)…

I really don’t care what you relate EQ to in life.   You use it at work, at home and in the car.

What emotion do you tent to lean on when you are frustrated or even really excited?  Some us rely on “shut down” to feel nothing when a negative experience has popped up and that takes our EQ down to zero.  I am sure most of you realize promoting a positive outcome in life takes a lot of work, effort and some amount of intelligence.  You have to use mindfulness in living with and amongst all people.  Now that I am spending some time with all people in interviews, I must be mindful of their technical skills, I must be mindful follow all of the EEO rules of my job and I must be mindful of my energy interacting with theirs when discussing how they will fit in with others in the workplace.

Same for at home.  Home is where the heart is.  It is where you feel safe to take off your shoes and look around at your harvest.  Your blessings.  You tend and care for your home and nurture your family from the outside demands and them send them love so they can restfully sleep at night and face yet, tomorrow.  Don’t you?  Or should I say Do you?

Fill up your EQ gauge today with work/home life balance no matter who you associate with today!!!!!  If you are up and they are down, reach out.  If they are always down, give them a shout out.  If they have turned into a zombie and want to bite your neck, well, then get out!  Some people are past the point of return.  LOL!


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