The Red Tent. December 7.

I want to talk about The Red Tent so boys, you might want to leave this blog.  The Red Tent is a new movie coming on tonight and we just downgraded to junky cable so I cannot watch it. I have to admit I am pouting about it.  The cost of internet and TV is killing me so we decided that we are Hulu fans and also fans of channels that are regulated by the FCC.   Ok, well maybe not fans of the FCC but I have to have local real TV right?  I mean who would want to remove the enriched avenue of sadness from our homes.  The media, it advertising, the rage of politics.  You have to have channel 3-41! If you are lucky, even 58 will come in and another season of Third Rock will play for you.  So what am I saying?  I am saying I am POUTING about not being able to see this movie which effects or has effected every women across humanity since God Knows When.  The Blood!  The Blood of Christ is considered the most powerful blood ever to have walked earth.  (And yes, I agree with that too and will never deny it), but a Women’s Blood is considered “Wretched.”  Or is it?

The Red Tent movie will star the BEAUTIFUL Rebecca Ferguson.  She starred as The White Queen and it is my very favorite modern day Fairy Tale.  As a matter of fact it is probably my most favorite of all the fairy tales I have seen on TV yet.  Rebecca plays Dinah in the bible and I don’t know much more than that.  It made me curious of what really was Dinah’s story?  My next person to research? Yup, Dinah.     And I am sure I will be writing about her effect on me as a women.

But do you really understand what The Red Tent is?  It is a woman’s place.  A place to find sanctuary when the world is caving in on her.  There are real red tents popping up all over the US and I am privilege and honored (more like humbled) to be a part of one.  It is a new concept to me.  I was born in 1972 and there were not any Red Tents close to Louisville to my knowledge.  If there were, they were considered gypsy women.  However, I prophecy to say this……..  Once the blood of Mother Earth emerges, women all over our planet will rise to the occasion and there will be more Red Tent’s.  Like Joan of Arc, we will ascend as Teachers.  Being a Teacher, is our rightful place in the Universe.  And I do not care what method you teach, except that you teach Truth and Love.

Women in America are usually looked at as dirty in times of hygienic challenge.  As a matter of fact, there are times when we feel dirty, I do admit.  I know this weekend for me, I paid a price to ask my husband and son to give me some space.  They are at man breakfast while I write to you so as you can see, I am alone.  I was so torrential in my mind that yesterday and cried and wept over simple energy.  I was drained and emotionally riding one of those roller coasters called PMS and my sensitivity was waxing cold.  By dinner I was angry and took a drive.  By dessert, we were eating Hostess Snowballs and ready for bed.  HollyPollyPostivie took a dive into the Red Tent and was merciful enough to Love my Son and Husband to S’plain to them, it is the time of the month and the moon is full.  I am picking up Alaskan radio in my teeth (Just kidding) and my energy field is Ripe!  I am Women, hear me roar.   I took the drive to help me find that moment of clarity that ALL IS WELL and I am the one in control of the power surges.

So with a good nights sleep, (10+ hours,) an empty house and a cup of hot tea, I can admit that I am so excited about my next steps.  I am growing and learning that talking about really, really hard stuff is beneficial.  I am a living existence of Mind, Body and Spirit and I love, love, love to write and feel and speak and wonder about my whole life.   Yes, I work, I cook, I write, I sing, I laugh, I cry and I shop.  I say “Hello” when people pass by me and I hug people when I feel they would like or need one.  I trust in my studies as a women, that I will be a great “Croney” Teacher one day.  A Christian Croney.  I will wear that Scarlet Letter and not be ashamed.  I may be ostracized but hopefully not.  I trust that may be part of Dinah’s Story’s tonight.  Or maybe Ruth’s, or Esther’s, or Mary’s, or Deborah, or Elizabeth’s, or Bridgett’s or Snow White, or Malificents’ Stories.  The best stories are those that have been lived and then recapped to show the cliffhangers and romantic parts.  It puts good spice in it for good pleasure.

So let’s recap my lessons for this Tent time.

Writing makes me feel better. (Eleanor Elaine Phoenix)

Money makes me look pretty.

Silence makes me learn lessons.

Love makes my world go round.

Anger makes me look stupid and loose ground.

Forgiveness makes me better.

Sunshine makes me warmer.

The Red Tent gives me Sanctuary.

My Sisters make me Stronger.

Do Pray for me today as I You.  Thank you. (0)


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