Monday Night Energy!

The Energy in my house this evening is good.  I mean really good.  It is the type of energy that you are grateful to come home too.  It has been a trying weekend and funny to say that my Monday was the better of the last three days.  This, tells me, that it is not a hard core truth that weekends are better than week days and that all Monday’s are evil.

I think I mentioned today that Mondays were opportunities to have solid Morning Meetings with yourself.  I spent the last 10 hours being productive.  I did it for a pay check.  I did it for a learning experience.  I did it to serve others.  When you can say you go to work and you hope that that day, you have a positive outcome with job placement or sales quotas and you can come home on Monday night to a chicken pot pie made by the best Pot Pie man around, you can say I am Living the DREAM!  All that good energy will propel me into Tuesday.  And we all know…………..”Tuesday’s are for Scorpios!” (I mention it all the time!)

And I think I even saw somewhere that Green Bay is playing tonight?  I have been keeping my eye on those Bengal’s however.  I wonder if I jumped the band wagon this late in the game if anyone would be mad?  nah.  I doubt I will get too much grief.  Unless Leesa reads this.  Then I am screwed!  LOL!  I wanted so much to become a football fan and get cozy with a koozy and a Guinness so that by Fall, this household would carry some civic normalcy and be Football fans.   Mr G. is not a sports fan.  And the boy child, well, he just loves anything TV and we are all hooked on Sons of Anarchy.  I exposed myself to my husband tonight and I told him who I had a crush on.  Chips.  Yup, the Irish Guy. (Not Eric Estrada!)  What was strange however, when I asked Eddie to guess who I liked on the show, he said “Tigg?”  Really?

Whatever you decide to do for the rest of your evening, be mindful of this.  Your home is what you make it.  Your day is what you intend it and during the rare events that you lose a loved one or you are diagnosed with an incurable disease, I assure you you will have prayers and comfort from those that love you.  Even our Facebook and Instagram Family looks at our photos and memories and says kind words over our images.

My Pot Pie is ready now!  Praise!  Sending to you Light as I receive Light as well.


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