“Sasquatch’s Wife!”

That would have been me if I would have left one more day of stubble.  But, I rose to the occasion and shaved those legs!  And if you have not seen the stellar Mr. Goodyear lately, he is quite the grizzly man!  LOL!  I love his beard and so does he.  “Man’ly Men.”  Seriously, my morning meetings with myself each day are precious and there are times before I start my day where I have to decide whether to make the bed or my lunch.  But, rarely do I miss the time to meet with myself and I learned that precious skill during my days at Neatbeat.  There are hundreds of valuable things I learned there and one of the top two were to have Morning minutes with yourself.  I have rarely missed that.  It sets the tone for the day.  So, what better way to be sure I am managing my minutes properly, is to skip a shave or two.

Today, yep, is Monday.  And I am still kicking after a long weekend of female illness and am coming out.  Ebb and Flow and Rock and Roll I say!  Today, my goal is to go to the unemployment office.  No, I am not quitting my job (lol!) I am recruiting.  There are people that need jobs and jobs that need people.  It is my job to connect the two.  I like what I am now doing because I get to see the real life scenarios of job market and economy first hand.  No work.  No pay.  No Pay, no workers.

Just like our healthcare system, the job market process is “challenging” at best.  Can I save it?  Probably not, but I can treat each person I meet today and this week with dignity and respect and I hope for the same.  I grew up quite poor so I can said I have lived on both sides of the tracks.  Is Taylor Blvd. across the Watterson?  Isn’t that the tracks in our city?  There is work out there, I promise.  Sometimes it doesn’t pay much but it is our civil duty as a recruiter to find the pieces.   Should I even care that much because some would say I just have a job to do.  My personal emotions don’t shut off just because I work.  I care so much for those in the world that it hurts my heart sometimes.  Is that someone you would want helping you????

Make no mistake my friends, life comes at us like a freight train and Monday rolls around when you least want it.  However, if you make it a point to meet with yourself every day, even your personal Monday can be productive.  I have been a recruiter for one month and I have been a women for 42 years.  I can say that this weekend was challenging at best for me, mentally, but Sunday’s a coming.  Maybe I’ll wait until Sunday to shave my legs again so I can save on razors.  Have you seen the price of them lately?

Gotta go!  Have a blessed day!

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