“I am Back for More Morning Insight!”

Three days in a row.  Insightful morning meetings.  Last night I picked up one of my sacred books and began to study more on the Laws of Life.  This morning I read my female devotional and the 9 Muses of Epic Poetry, Drama, Theater and Business were presented to me.

It is Wednesday and I live.  I am grateful for the magnitude in my life.  I am grateful to stay hungry for knowledge and accelerated learning.   I have such a gracious relief that Art and Writing has become a lifestyle for me and is Sacred to my confession.  Just like learning valuable job skills, I think just as important are studies to help you gain Peace and Protection for your family.  God will Provide to your needs according to HIS riches in Glory.  Prayer and Petition are sacred to your harmonious balance.

Teaching each other the good and kind things in Life and are Keys to Success in all areas.  Today, you will either impact someone new as your cross a new path or you will impact someone you see everyday.  When we become familiar with each other we tend to actually put up a fence verses letting them in.  Our weakness as a human places us vulnerable to others’ magnetisms and we learn how to hide behind masks in order to please others and please who we see as God in our life.

For me, I can say, I love to live laugh and Love.  I seriously love to make people laugh and feel joyous.  I am not perfect.  I am just aware of Jesus in me.  Regardless of your origin, find someone to Hug Today and release those good endorphines. Huggss!


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