“Wizards of Wisdom!”

All it takes is one key word to set my Muse off!  Here we are Saturday morning, live and in person, and drinking coffee.  Ed says he wants to grow his beard down to his belly like a Wizard.  “Wizard.”  I have not heard that word used much in our society.  We say the words “Wisdom or Magician or Angel’s”.  But rarely, do we understand the term “Wizard.”  It is defined as just another word for Magician but a Magician which is actually schooled in Fantasia.  (fantasy).

Most of us understand that fantasy is not supposed to be just considered “dirty” but as children, we all live in a very fantastical world.  Imagery was all around us and if you are someone who is now over the age 20 and have not seen the Wizard of Oz, or Mickey Mouse in a Purple Hat, then you have been living on Mars, right?

So what dragged me to the table to write?  Away from my hubby???  Well, when we spoke about the wizard, it reminded me that wis-dom, is actually a female energy and with a strong Wisdom, your Grand Wizard Mentality lands here on Earth.  Your feminine personality is free from being maculated.  My Muse, Eleanor, is a fanatical fictional persona, of which I go into when I need to create.  Every writer will tell you that once you find your Muse, there is no turning back.  The hunger to express oneself in writing, is insatiable and no matter what path that I go on from now, until the day I die, I have a personal responsibility to follow my artistic path.  I wake up every morning after dreaming and I debrief with my best friend and we decide how to best serve life today.  So, as I blog it out, it get it express my personal fantasies in writing.  This is how I get to still be me and still be a Fairy Princess too!  🙂  Female energy is such a powerful successor to the male counterpart.  Male and Female, working together are amazing energies!  Grow that Beard Captain Goodyear!!

It just reminded me so much that we make such invalid excuses to say that we cannot follow our dreams when we work hard like drones, we pay a ton in corporate taxes and we are destined to meet a reaper some day.  (“Is this Morbid or Am I Being Real?”)  I am ASSURED that if I listen deeply to my Spirital Man and I put each piece of the personal wellness puzzle into play today, I will create my destiny.

When I sit down to share these posts with the WWW, it is to serve a purpose in me.  I need to communicate how divine life lesson are, when learned.  The School of Wizardry that Harry Potter or Mickey Mouse created, really do filter down into our realities.   It is all intention.  My big ol’ bass-butt is really sitting on this hard chair this early Saturday morning working it out.  Most of our little kids are starting their morning out with a sippy cup and some plastic bowl with some cereal in it.  I am sure right now there is at least one little toddler out there driving mum cray-cray by kicking his highchair over and over!!  (I hated that!)  Inside little Mum’s head, she is just wanting to figure out how to pay the big LGE bill in her inbox and a huge mortgage that she and her partner have, and the kids banging on the metal chair, well, it just keeps her grounded.

Or what about the lady right now living in Cuba?  Can you see her clutching her purse waiting to board a plane to America to find DESTINY?  She has her Work Visa in Hand and she is envisioning how she will come here and get a job to pay for her daughter and son’s Visa and bring them here too!!!  She sees the land of the free as a new grand destination and she KNOWS when she gets here, the sky will be bluer and more serene.  That person really is happening right now. And while I wake up to my morning perk and write on my laptop, I can safely say, her dream could turn into a real nightmare the way our country is going.  So, why should I care about her?  Because, I just do.

I think what is most pressing for my “Eleanor” is that she sees life through rose colored glasses.  Eleanor remembers so many stories about childhood and over all the many lives that have passed her by and has to take the evil she sees in the world and recreate it.  Eleanor, well, she learns by listening to her DNA. There are so many past experiences in history that need to be shared with the present world.  The only avenue for Eleanor to serve her purpose is to Muse (manifest), through me.  So, am I psycho?  Hardly. I am pretending!  It is so fun!  It is Wise for me to listen to the voice in my head because the voice IS driven by All the Love I can muster and the Happily Ever After endings we all know to be true-true.  We will have an ending someday.  That I promise.

I have hurt a fair many people in my last 42 years.  They know who they are.  They also know that they have a choice to either hold all my transgressions against me or forgive me.  My heart gets in the way of everything. nIt is ok that they have written me off and extract my energy from them.  (Which may be beneficial).   But I HATE IT!!!  I have a Karmatic evolution that will supersede this life and my desire to Write is one of those evolutions that must come to pass.  Whether you call it Heaven, Summerland or Paradise, we are all going to wake up one day and have made it through this life with “experience”….  I know that those people who loved me and trusted me to present myself as genuine and happy, could not hear the grand emergence and validity of my true Muse. (The Voice Within).  I was STUPID to not allow people into the true heart of why I act and do what I do, when I spend so much time out in the world making people laugh and hugging them tight……..  I seek desperately for my perfect life just like everyone else does and when I leave the confines of my sacred home, I set sail to do good in the world.  I work to earn wages to provide for my family and kingdom and I work hard.  I will always work hard for people.

However, realize, that working fin any field takes strategic planning and being a part of any business takes negotiating and serious dedication.  As an employee, (no matter where you work) you’d expect to be doing something you absolutely love and get paid for.  If you achieve, or have achieved that goal in life, you should be very grateful!!  I promised my new boss that when I am uncomfortable and stressed beyond reproach, I will seek out sanctuary and let her know how I feel good days and bad days.  My boss is a dear one to me and I know she trusts me to do a good job in my new career so we can all be successful.  She has a family too!!

Which brings me to, my daily life. I have been recruiting for 5 weeks now.  I actually do like it and it is for these reasons.  I get to deal with real people.  Now, when I say real, it is a stereotype.  I mean, Princess Kate is real.  But Princess Kate is not scrapping for her next meal.  Nor, is Princess Kate shooting dope.  (At least we don’t think so.)  I like reaching out to people of every life style and asking them, “Can I help you find a job?”  They are what I consider the real heart of America.  Some people will tell me yes, send me to work and well, some say no.  Some say “yes-yes, we will go”….. and end up a no show.  Some people pop on their drug screens but want to work and some people get to go on to be executive secretaries starting out at $55,000 annually driving their 2014 Kia Optima.  I like this job because I see the real world through my rose colored glasses!  (And I get paid).  I am just being honest.  I am also a very good personal networker and account manager but I SUCK at PAPERWORK!!!  Everyone that has ever worked with me has to admit, I am really good at customer service.  All, shapes and sizes.  I think it is because my energy.  I love marketing and planning strategically how to pull off a deal.  When I brokered, it required so much energy of me that people misjudged my intensity for insanity.   There really is a difference in the two words but my funny/funky personality made it look like I was spazzing out all the time, when really, I was in business warfare mode.  I do warfare in business in the exact same vibration as I do when I am in Spiritual Warfare.  I cannot help it except to do a better job of recognizing that I am only Super Women when I take very delicate care of myself.  I have learned my lesson that I can be a good steward in business and still let Eleanor live inside me, so I put down the self multination about working a job and following a dream.  The two cannot separate.

I know this blog has gotten very deep and that I have spend the better part of an hour now, trying to say what it is I am writing to my readers.  I have some scheduled time today with precious friendships that I want to cultivate today and we are all busy and stressed.  I have Christmas shopping scheduled tomorrow with my daughter of whom I hardly ever see and I have a mountain of dirty clothes starting at me this morning.  I have bills to pay and dogs to pay attention to.  (Have you ever tried living in 1500 square feet with 4 dogs?)  That damn bone drew some blood last night!!!  I have a busy life, I have a huge imagination and I want to be on Ellen Degeneres someday and I want to meet Gretchen Rubin.  All the while, I want to minister to people that Life is Good and that Love can precede Hate and that ALL Women are Powerful enough to make it.   Therefore, I write.

I will start my 8th blog on Christmas Day.  It is called “Letter’s From Holly”.  You can find it at Lettersfromholly.com.  The letters will be specifically written to anyone and everyone that has every been in my life.  Past, Present and Future.  The mysterious part is that if it is real, you will secretly know who you are and you will see, how much I really love you.  (Even if I never make it to paper publishing like Mr. King.)  For the parts which are fantasy, it just makes up the fibers of Holly’s being.

Blessed be American Soldiers and Marines.  You fight for our freedom.  I fight for the freedom to write.  Red, White and Blue………What does that really represent to you?

Holly Goodyear- Wizard of the Universe.

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