Merry Mixed Up Meet!

It’s almost Christmas and I spent the ladder part of my day in the stores while Eddie went to the chair.  I only bought what I needed and I did not linger in any store too long.  It was amazing to just get the job done, stay on task and on budget as best as I could.  I noticed that people were just donning along swiping plastic and trying to find the shortest line.  I went to 6 stores and was back home in 2.5 hours.  I think the gods’ of traffic were on my side because every where I went I found little holes of clearing verse hitting the freeway and the east end grid lock.

For my friends who have no idea how commercial it is in the east end, let me tell you.  I am longing for some lesser frequencies.  Shelbyville Road is nothing but a schmorgesborg of telephone wires and traffic and businesses everywhere and it attracts anyone within 10 feet of a credit card strip to frequent!  Drone’s I tell ya!  (Yes, I swiped too!)……

In all honesty, it had been the first chance I had to do ANY shopping for anyone.  I sent Ed over to the “Parlor” for his artistic revelry and I ordered a bit of Amazon for the extended famm, but what surprised me most of all, is that I have not craved the Christmas retail rush as in my days of Ol’.  In fact, I wanted no more than to get my shit and get out!!  Oh, and the Toys R Us line, two cashiers.  Really???!!

But here is the lighter side of my experience.  I am back already home, enjoying hot English tea and Asian Potstickers.(frozen).   I am getting ready to wrap a few little presents and place the tiny gifts under the tree.  I never really knew if I wanted to put them out early, so we could drool over them and poke on them, or if I wanted to play like Santa and just put everything out during the wee hours of the 25th.   I am curious to what others do.  Please share in the comments if you please!
Merry Christmas!!

Jolly Holly Berry

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