“Reiki in the Workplace!”

The month that I was off work this fall, I had contemplated on how I would integrate Reiki as a new career in my life.  It did not come to pass but I quickly realized that Reiki, though can be paid for, is even more powerful of a practice than just sharing it.  However, I will say this.  If you have never had a Reiki service with a true, skilled practitioner, you have no idea what you are missing.  Paying for a Reiki service is just as valid as paying for a masseuse. As a matter of fact, most of our large medical facilities has at least one person on payroll that is Reiki certified.

During my downtime, my husband and I met with a friend who is teaching dream classes all over the state and at many universities in our region.  I was amazed at how many young people he was touching and how professional he has become in offering insight on this valuable tool.  Dream language knowledge has huge responsibility in your waking success.

Imagine, that when you give 7-10 hours per day to the sleeping state of mind, that there must be something important to it.  I cannot imagine that my dreams don’t have a role in my life purpose.  I have gone on to find a career in Recruiting and it proves to be a good path for me.  I am privileged to get to see the real “hard” times that exist and in helping people find work, I can stay optimistic that there is work out there and hope to help provide for one family at a time.  Not everyone will land the perfect job or not everyone will get one that pays six figures, but you can be happy nonetheless!

Now, coming from someone who has had 10 jobs in 15 years I can say this….. It would at first seem I am an inconsistent creature.  But, my reasons for moving employers had nothing to do with the friendships and business partners I cultivated, but with finding TRUE happiness at work.  I ache that I had to leave behind valuable people but for those in the Obamacare industry that sat beside me, you know I am saying the truth.  My first 9 jobs suffered because I could not reach the Happiness button in my Heart Chakra and I was lost in a sea of Red Tape….  As my Intuition began to develop as I got older and I had to deal with some past issues before I could heal and be able to view what Success really meant.  I had jobs that paid $75 grand and I had jobs that paid minimum wage.  Was I happy?  At first, I thought climbing the ladder of success was defined by how much you made and that I would be happy.  “For Richer, For Poorer” was one of our marriage vows and to be Rich was important. (At the time.).  And I wanted to be Rich!!

However, the good money dwindled away into my economic society and I became trapped in the credit card cycle.  We started the “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” syndrome and between working 60 hours a week, watching our expenses get higher and higher and working in the most stressful industry around (aside from politics), I think I survived pretty good so far to keep my family in check without some serious mental health challenges. (Except for I am the crazy one and I say that in love!  LOL!)  Our current parental generation is standing by, working our asses off, while we watch our teens become more and more different than us.  The typical work ethic for a teen-ager says “When is my next break from the drive thru?”.   Our kids better wake up and smell the sausage because from what I can tell in my fresh career, there are a ton of people who are unemployed and much of what I see at McDonald’s are mom’s who are working their asses off to feed their babies.  In fact, one of my favorite jobs was in my twenties and I worked the drive thru with 6 of my best friends.  We were a killer team of employees and when the beanie baby craze hit, well, we had G-R-O-O-V-E-S!  And, we seemed Happy.

What does this have to do with Dreams or Reiki and Work????  From my point of view, we are building two new econocial communities.  One lifestyle that is more self sustaining and conscious and one that is dependent on a business model that will eventually break.  But hear me.  How wise would it be to start corporate Americans to jump on a path of Mindfulness at Work?  I know some of the major insurance carriers are bringing in masseuses once per week to help frantic cubical workers find relief in their shoulders and back.   I know all too well, the pain in your back that sitting at a computer for 11 hours can cause.  Now, I am still at a desk 8 hours a day and I MAKE the time to do yoga or stand on my head as least once or twice a week to let the blood flow through my body.  I have gained a few pounds though.  (Arg!!)

What if Fortune 500 employers decided to open the door and really talk about mental health from a subjective standpoint?  What if Fortune 500 employers were even willing to discuss it????  Would you know how to market an energy service?  People are afraid to pay for what they cannot see but are willing to pay for massive amounts of Gluten and other GMO’s.

Dream Classes and Reiki Sessions are two very powerful ways to get people to still their mind long enough to find their creativity and motivation!  This makes everyone more money!!  What fuels me the most at work are the days when we are all working in tandem to meet the same goal.  When, Red Tape Politics have been eliminated and worksite organization is apparent.  With my Reiki, I manage through all the Red Tape of any corporate issue now without any guilt?  I use Reiki in the workplace to accept that it is not my fault that HIPPA is so extensive but that I just have to manage my way through it.  I made time to notice that at work, I am a highly energetic person and that I effect others with my Words, Actions and Body Language.  If my team mate senses stress, like a hormonal “cat-call”, worry ensues and we all panic!  Our adrenaline increases and we plummet into our computers like a mouse on a wheel. Then we take it home and fail to learn how to decompress.

Or, have you ever had one of those brain freezes at work because you are doing so may tasks at once, that you shut down all together?  It happens to ALL OF US!  Reiki enables you ways to combat panic at work.  If you are lucky enough to be attuned to the symbols, you have an even greater chance of becoming successful in your work life because you won’t take all that work stress home.  You can “CHOP” it off like an iron chef.  Three Cheers for Reiki!

And so you wonder why do I put all of my stuff out here on the WWW when I have to be at work in two hours when most of us are trying to find our shoes this Monday?  Well, because I deem myself a student of the universe and I have ALOT of great friends who think the same way and I see it when people are NOT really happy.  I think EVERYONE wants Happiness but maybe they don’t.  Race, religion and creed are but a formality when trying to find Spiritual Wellbeing and Happiness in the World.  And I see hundreds of companies emerging taking about Worksite Wellness and would do so much better with Happy Employees.

Dude’s.  Your missing a key component.  Just saying!

Happy Monday!

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