“My Music Man!”

Everyone has a music man somewhere in their life.  Mine is my daddy.  Last night I shipped him a Honer E Tuned Harmonica.  He normally doesn’t play the high keys but I really didn’t know that.  I was not sure what key to send him so I used magic!  I walked up to my son’s room and I turned on the keyboard.  I started to peck out the notes C, D, E, and so on.  I noticed when i pecked out those first few keys it was the opening notes to the song, “My Old Kentucky Home.”  “E” and “E” was the key that made my heart chakra jump so that was the one I picked.

Yesterday, Amazon text alert advised me that the package was at the Hub.  I called my daddy at 11:00a.m. to let him know it was ready.  Then back to work I went.

At lunch I decided to work out so I went to the gym for about 45 minutes.  I was getting dressed in the dressing room and I hear clearly, “My Old Kentucky Home” being whistled in the locker room.  Twice they whistled it, so there was no mistaking that song.  I thought to myself as I dressed, “what if my daddy was picking up his package right now and it was Spirit telling me all was well in my World.  Well, it was.  I went to the car to leave exactly two minutes later and my Amazon text Alert had triggered.  Just two minutes before, my daddy had in his hands his Horner Specialized E Harmonic.  I wept.

I love my daddy and I have spent less than a millisecond worth of my days with him.  I was a product of divorce.  Aren’t we all? But it does not stop me from writing to the world, that he is my key to Music.  The days when he would drag me to garage bands and played the harmonic was during the days I developed as a girl.  I was a very young lonely girl except for a few close friends,  (Of which I still have so dear to me.  Crow and Horse!  They will just have to guess who is who!)  Now that I am older, and have not been the best daughter in the world, i wanted to be able to let my Daddy know how much I love him.  We don’t always exchange presents and money is not even a consideration in our relationship.  We don’t have any!!  (Lol),  But my inheritance from my Father is more than Gold.  My daddy gave me the gift of understanding music.  I don’t know how, but it is our connection.  It is the type of love that covers a multitude of sins.  I was born in the 70’s and he developed as a young man in the 70’s.  And, he has turned out pretty fine may I say!  I know my daddy is the most handsome man on the planet.  He just is!  (At one point he had a beard and looked like Grizzly Adams though.  And now I am married to a beard!)  🙂

Daddy, I have a hard time saying How Much I love you but if you get Facebook, you can see that I have shared it with the World.  Thank you for being my daddy and thank you for the gift of Music in my Ol’ Kentucky Heart.  Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on ““My Music Man!”

  1. Holly I love him too, and have often wondered how he is. I have not heard of or seen him for years. If you talk to him tell him I love him, and said hello. What about Grandma Bettye? I think of her also. And lets not forget Uncle Bobby, wow, I have never ever stopped thinking of him or loving him, and have always believed some of his spirit is in my Aaron. Thanks for the memories!!!! They were special to me 🙂
    Love you very much young lady!!!!!

    1. My Beautiful Aunt Pam. Grandma Bettye went to be with the Lord last May. It was quick. I did not know until she had passed. We saw her just a few months before. Dad is good. Still Sandford and Son and as unique as ever and as “Porter” as he can be. We laugh a lot now when we talk. I love him so. I do believe that Bobby’s Spirit most def is resting back on this earth and what better way to shine his light, than be a part of your son. I hope to see you very soon my sister. Life is busy but love prevails through busyness! Muah!

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