Express Yourself!

Express Yourself.  You’ve Got to make it!  (Says Madonna!)

It gets really hard sometimes to think that there is more out there than just our stressful lives.  Now, hear me before we get to far in this blog.  I just spent the last 10 minutes of my “morning meeting” typing the coolest stuff to post about stress and I hit a wrong key stroke so I lost it ALL.  This is the price we will pay for using technology verses the true art of writing.  Anyway, I digress, except to say that I was typing about the IMPORTANCE of understanding stress energetically in your life.

It is Wednesday.  I am faced with a new day at work in order to provide a happy home for my family.  I am blessed to have a good friend next to me who understands our reason for working.  I do not carry the weight of being a sole provider at home or at work but we all know that we need to work today because tomorrow, we may be gone.  And after spending time with our coffee in bed, and waking up after a great time getting my tattoo completed,(Kudo’s Dennis!) it made me realize that I must, must follow my dream to write no matter what I am DOING!  My tattoo is significant to the story I am creating.  When this blog entry failed a few seconds ago, my heart dropped and I wanted to cry.  That showed me that my inspirational writing is serious when it is happening in real time and it effects ME emotionally to loose it like that.

I have stopped stressing about becoming an Author.  I am an Author.  My blog is starting to reach people everywhere and I am starting to have communication with others.  That is ALL I WANT!  I want feed back from people of whom can resonate with me to say, we live, we laugh and we love and we are OK!  I want to hear people say “Stop being so STINKIN’ Happy!” when they disagree with me or if they are in a bad place in life and get mad at me so they can work out their issues too.  Nope.  Not on here I won’t stop being happy and even when I write pissed off stuff. I will still find my happiness…..  My drive thru expressions each day and each week are for fun for me!  They are healing.  They are my teachable moments!   If they become teachable moments for you too, well then more power to the universe.

I use the 8 blogs I have created to reach out to my friends and family when I know I cannot touch them physically.  Much of my high energy and stress is used up at work but I KNOW, that when I lay my hands on someone in love and gentleness and kindness, the human touch ZAPS out a lot of the stress going around the other person.  I have to be very careful carrying my gift of Reiki around into the world of business because I feel everyone’s emotions and I need to channel it PROPERLY with my Reiki.  Today, is Wednesday.  (I said that.) I am going to be a part of the Big Scary World outside of my safe walls.  I am going to meet many different energies in my role.  I am going to connect to them, and I need to learn to disconnect when I am done.  Based on the experiences I encountered up to today, energy workers love to be around others and their energy!  Give and Receive but only for everyone’s Highest Good.

Please find a way to ground today and when you do, you WILL find a new energy.  Try a different technic for communicating.  If you are with a coworker or a client and you are finding it a struggle to talk to them, pay attention to that.  Are you overwhelmed?  Are they?  Be kind today.  You can learn to heal from Worklife Stress.  You can work to heal from ALL stress.  Stress will not leave ever our human environment and it can be used like the clay on the potters wheel.


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