“Oh Goodie!”

A Hot Toddy and Wrapping Paper are two of my favorite things.  LOL!  I have been blessed to have the afternoon off and I have been even more blessed to start in on the Christmas wrapping project.  My boss, ok, friend and I, had the blessed event of a company lunch in private and I love her!!  I was blessed to have some time with her outside of work today and we connected over a WONDERFUL cup of coffee and some Eggs Benedict.  I do appreciate the finer things in life and outside of pressing my way through work and home life stress, I am cycling yet again, with a new moon on the 21st and having felt productive and balanced and for that, I am happy.”  I shared with my boss today, my dreams, my goals and my promise to promote our new business venture with fervor.  (A positive attitude goes a long way!)

As we enter into this new season of Winter Solstice, I am able to say good-bye to the things that no longer serve me and wrapping presents gives you time to think….   I have learned that tactically, if you are not 100% honest and open with people about your dreams and your divine calling, you may just as well sit out of this game of life.  Tonight, I will enter into the Red Tent with the most amazing women and branch out of my insecurities in order to listen and learn from their experiences as well.  I will sense the new energies of the new moon and we will celebrate our feminine side as wives, mothers, soul mates and teachers.

I think 2015 will bring in a whole new road for me and in driving thru my life, I can now see through this metaphysical windshield with eyes wide open.  My Spirit Man is growing.  My humanness is becoming more easy to deal with and my emotional creativity is now heading in a better direction.  I am conscious of my surroundings.

I have met more exceptional people in just the last few years than I have met in all of my life.  However, I have reconnected deeper with the old friends which I had sustained throughout my life and I now trust in myself to say I am loved.   If I am loyal to my dreams and my true connections with others, I do not have to worry about holding up a false image of myself and I can be the real “Holly Goodyear” God called me to be.

As I wrapped presents for my closest family members and friends today, I thought about all the people out there hustling to survive.  I thought about those who have very little.  I have been introduced lately in my new career, to a different demographic of employees and a different thinking than I am used to.  I have come across people who need work desperately but may be having a bit of bad luck in life and cannot work consistently and I have met people who do NOT want to work, and only need a day or two of pay to make it to the next hustle.  I was shocked to see that I, this chick from the South End, had been so far removed from the “way” that I did not realize people are out there taking advantage of the system so badly and in turn, are not honest with me about WANTING to work or do not show up!!…..However, I will not give up that easily and as long as I show up each day and ask God to help us find the Right Path in our lives, I will no longer worry about my job or my greater destiny .  I promised myself I would only use my filter when appropriate and stating MY truth is the best way to fortify change so my blogs will be tactful, yet at times, remarkable brutal…..

I do not expect that my blogs will make me millions or that I will become that Movie Star I really want to be but it is NEVER too late.  Lynda Carter portrays Wonder Women’s legacy with beauty and class and have you seen that women!  DIVA!!!!    I strive to be Wonder Women in my imaginative dreams and one day, I will wear earn the Super Cape of Truth and open up a ministry of love for Women in my life.

My Pen, (Keyboard) and my Spiritual Sword, takes much pleasure in putting my thoughts on paper and in my blogs, I strive to encourage and promote wellness.  It is my hearts desire to minister through my trials.

I may not be in church every time the doors open, or even much at all, but my heart shines brightly in knowing that today, we as women, need to be much more attentive to our personal needs and in doing so, we will make happy homes, children and make strides to rise above statistical status quo.

Christmas is next week.  Give what you can to others and receive what is given to you.  Watch for signs and symbols of God and Nature work with you and your family this Solstice.  During your Christmas Holiday, remind yourself that Monday’s are inevitable but Sunday’s A’ Coming!   I only have a few bucks left in my bank account but I can give you the gift of writing!  I pray you seek courage, wisdom and truth in how you celebrate this season.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!  The Righteous Run Into It, and they are SAFE!


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