Girls It’s Snowing!

Pretty!  The snow out the back window is fresh and pretty.  This third cup of coffee and all is well.  We are nestled in for the long winter’s nap.  Solstice.  The Darkest Day of the Year and this year, a New Moon will turn and blessings you create will abound.  If I told you exactly what you needed to do to honor this weekend, would you consider?

If you are a women, would you consider to find at least 30 minutes this weekend and write out your desires for the upcoming year.  Would you stop and look around your home for 60 seconds and contemplate your blessings and your need to purge?  I am now ready to Purge.  I am ready to purge the old which does not serve me and WRITE out the details to the universe so in 2015, the world as I see it will manifest.

I used to think, that behind my computer screen, I say say and feel anything I wanted and that I was protected by my constitutional right.  However, I must be sure that it keeps in line with WSIS.   It is the information society who constitutes right language.  Google them.   So now I know, that if I respect all race, creed and religion, I can be specific to express clearly to you how I manifest my dreams.  Women should embark on this beautiful thing that we call “goddessness”, and I want to share with you how I do it.   The Moon’s Cycle.  If we women would follow the moon cycle in order to live our lives holistically and that you are not considered a witch (unless you choose to be), you will tap into a magic of sorts that will open you up to a very POWERFUL and Peaceful World.   I was so afraid to follow the moon cycle publicly in my past or enlist my loving efforts in Reiki publicly because of the first 10 years I spent in the pentacostal church.  (Penta– 5.)  I thought, if anyone sees me with a Hindu or Goddess book or a stack of Tarot Cards, they would come and throw stones at me.  I was taught to Worship one way, and in one format.  But then I realized that when the Chakra of the Heart is  controlled what I processed on the inside and how I viewed Jesus in my heart along with my confession on the outside.  (A personal choice! that I could confidently break out of the religious box and do what it was I was being taught to do outside of a church wall.)  Church IS Good.  We should come together and find that cord that strikes God’s heart but what I am saying is that there are hundreds of ways to become healthy and whole and scientifically, following the Moon and Stars works. Try the Spirits.  They are of our Universal God if you Believe they are.

I view Jesus in my heart as my King as a Supernatural Queen, I established boundary.  I am no longer judging any belief system with condemnation, and I only honor the love that my King Jesus taught  me.  Just as a Queen a would value her King, I use Jesus’ example to be a STRONG women, so my husband, children and friends would benefit.

Remember in Old England when the women called the Kings Lord?  As a women, finding a man to call Lord in this century is almost impossible in the physical but we have no problem calling on Jesus in the supernatural.  I am calling out the guards of heaven to help us reconsider our definition of manship and I am not challenging you mens’ to be a better husbands but I AM challenging my sisters to be better wives and mothers.  As we HEAL, so does the Earth Heal.  (And Man Beards are Cool!)  “Manship is Key to Women’s Success!”  It is a circle of life.

Leaving the Red Tent last night allowed me to view women in such a wonderful light that even my own darkness frightens me no more.  My evolution in 2014 sent me on a spiral dance that seemed to go out of control only to throw me into the Heart of Fire, so that now I can burn away the old me and emerge as the new me.  I am still the same Holly Goodyear I was when I slept, but yet, I am different as I awake into this New Moon and New Year…..   So, I am asking my Girls out there, if you are inspired by the snow this morning and a Crow has “cawed” your way, maybe take that extra thirty minutes today and write out your journey for next year.  Are you worth it?

Then find a flame and burn the paper.  Burn your intention and watch the spark of live and divine begin to nurture your fem.  Everyone will benefit.  Even Supernatural Angelic Friends of God will turn their eyes to see your needs.    You have until Tuesday to complete your assignment.



2 thoughts on “Girls It’s Snowing!

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