I really don’t know if I spelled the title to this blog right but no matter.  Today, I have been blessed to be awakened into this moment of PURE excitement.  It is almost Christmas and now that the entry into the Solstice is underway, I can see more clearly.  Last night, the dark moon put me completely out.  I was drained of every once of energy I had left and slept like a rock.  My body feel short of any movement and I know I was out in dream space for the last 10 hours.  But, upon waking this Monday, I am renewed Spiritually and even more amazing, my past ancestors are here in my HOUSE!!   My grandmother presented herself to me yesterday as my husband sang “Dianah Won’t You Blow Your Horn.”  He did not know that was the song my Mimi sang to me on road trips.  And Mimi always shows herself when I am in the kitchen.  Then, just a few moments ago, he rambled out the word Wanga and something about Green Carpet.  (And trust me, my medium husband had not had any coffee to wake up with yet so he was in sleepy mode so I know he was just rambling on).

Wanga, is my grandfather and his trailer’s carpet was gross green.  The ONLY real memory I have of him is when I was 7 and my mom took me to see him for Christmas.  As a child, I really did not get to see him.  It had been years since I saw him when we visited and I sat on his green flat trailer carpet, tracing out the lines in the floor with my toys.  That IS the memory I have always held when I think of him.  I am telling you all this because there is no better feeling than knowing you are surrounded by loved ones during the Holidays and that you can connect with their energies and receive their love, even when they are long since past.  Life is Good and Precious my Friends!

So, when I went to bed last night, apparently my hubby was watching Mary Poppins.  I had no idea because I was under the Dark Moon Sleep and when I had my early morning meeting just now, those magic words just came out of my pen on paper.  I am certain it was Spirits way of showing me childhood magic at Christmas.  Showing me it is ok to believe in transparent love!

My stuffy head and drippy throat today do not cancel out my excitement for the future.   I believe that a few clementines, some hot tea and hot yoga will soothe me during this new phase of the year and I refuse to go into it with sickness in my body.  Magic words.   Abracadabra.  Make me healthy and whole.   I take action over my next 24 hours and I choose Happiness!  I choose Gratefulness for this week!!

And, give something away to someone unknowingly!!  Be Elfy today!!

Dear God, I pray as I move into this new year of the wheel, that today, December 22nd I board a Glory Train headed toward success, healing and purification.  Thank you for showing me that we are not alone and we can celebrate in harmony all that it good!  May their be Peace (and fun):) on Earth and let it begin with me!!



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